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What is the best substitute for cilantro in a recipe?

Substitutes for Cilantro

  1. Thai Basil. If you are looking for a suitable substitute for cilantro, then basil is one of the many choices that we offer.
  2. Italian parsley. A herb that resembles cilantro and can serve as a good substitute is the Italian parsley. ...
  3. Mint. ...
  4. Papalo. ...
  5. Rau ram. ...
  6. Curry Powder. ...
  7. Cumin. ...
  8. Dill. ...
  9. Caraway. ...
  10. Garam masala. ...

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What to make with cilantro?

These include Cilantro Mojito, which uses fresh cilantro leaves, a squirt of lime, sugar syrup, two ounces of white rum. It is then strained into a glass of crushed ice and garnished with a lemon wedge and a sprig of coriander.

What can I do with lots of cilantro?

These are my favorite ways to eat it:

  • Add it to salsa (tomato or pineapple version)
  • Add it to tacos (I use more cilantro than lettuce!)
  • Add it to egg salad
  • In rice, along with some lime juice
  • In baked cauliflower, along with almonds, butter, pepper, red pepper flakes, lime juice, and pumpkin seeds

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Is cilantro the best substitute for epazote?

What’s A Good Epazote Substitute?

  • Your best bet: Cilantro. Cilantro is another herb used in Mexican cuisine. ...
  • A decent second choice: Fennel. The fennel herb is not normally associated with Mexican food, but one of epazote’s strongest flavor notes is similar to the flavor of licorice.
  • In a pinch: Mexican oregano. ...
  • Other alternatives. ...


What can I make with a lot of cilantro?

12 Bold and Zesty Recipes for Cilantro LoversRib-Eye Steak with Chimichurri.Spicy Mint, Cilantro, and Chia Seed Chutney.Cilantro Salad with Olives, Avocado, and Limes.Nam Khao (Crispy Rice Salad)Sardine and Lemongrass Salad.Cilantro Yogurt Chutney.Grilled Lobster with Cilantro-Chile Butter.More items...•

What do you cook with cilantro?

0:001:22Cooking With Cilantro : How to Use Cilantro Leaves or Stems - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo for example if you're making a chili. You can add it at the end for a final touch or if you'reMoreSo for example if you're making a chili. You can add it at the end for a final touch or if you're making a salad you can add it into your salad.

What is cilantro best used for?

The ways to serve it are endless: use it as a side to go with tacos, burrito bowls, enchiladas, grilled shrimp skewers, and more. It's incredibly versatile, and we find ourselves making it often. Really, any meal is better with a little cilantro lime rice!

What can I do with fresh cut cilantro?

2:464:133 Ways to Preserve Cilantro for Weeks or Months! CiCi Li - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd then chop it into small pieces you can choose just to freeze the leaves but i eat everything soMoreAnd then chop it into small pieces you can choose just to freeze the leaves but i eat everything so i'm just going to freeze. Everything. And put them in a small ziploc bag like this. And then freeze.

Can I freeze fresh cilantro?

You sure can! Learn how to preserve this fresh herb right in your freezer. Whether you buy a giant bunch at the store or are trimming the last of your herb garden, sometimes you're left with more fresh cilantro than you can use.

Is cilantro better raw or cooked?

Both the stems and leaves of the plant can be used in either their raw or cooked form. However, cilantro is generally preferred raw given its delicate structure, and the fresh leaves are frequently used as a garnish.

How long does cilantro last in the fridge?

HOW LONG WILL CILANTRO LAST IN THE FRIDGE? Unfortunately, fresh cilantro doesn't last that long in the fridge. They usually will last probably 3-4 days and will start looking all wimpy and started to turn black and eventually turns into a mush!

What are the side effects of cilantro?

5 potential side effects of cilantroHives.Facial swelling.Throat swelling.Severe diarrhea.Stomach pain.Darkened skin.

What happens if you cook cilantro?

In general, delicate cilantro leaves are used as a garnish before serving or added late in the cooking process because they quickly lose their aroma when heated, whereas the heartier roots and seeds are typically added earlier to contribute to the foundational flavor of a dish.

How do you store cilantro so it doesn't go bad?

First, cut your cilantro stems down a little bit, about 2 inches from the base of the stems. Then fill a glass jar about 3/4 of the way up with water. Insert your cilantro in the glass jars. Next put a plastic baggie on top of the cilantro and rubber band it to the jar so it's secure.

How do you store cilantro long term?

Loosely cover the leaves with an upside-down plastic bag and pop it in the fridge. Storing cilantro this way will keep it fresh for as long as a month — just make sure to occasionally refresh the water in the jar. You can also use this same method for other leafy herbs like parsley and mint.

Do you use the stems of cilantro?

Cilantro stems are tender, flavorful, and — most importantly — edible. Chop them up right along with the leaves to add to recipes or whip them, like in this one here. This green cilantro sauce is best when served up at cookouts, right along with whatever you're throwing on the flame.

Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken

This is a nice change from plain chicken tacos. The cilantro really adds a burst of flavor to this recipe.

Amy's Cilantro Cream Sauce

This cilantro cream sauce can be used as a dip, or as a sauce for fish or chicken. My husband eats it on everything he can consume! Taste and add additional seasoning if necessary. tomatillo sauce is usually spicy, so be prepared!

Peanut Cilantro Dip

A delicious and flavorful Thai-style dip that goes great with fresh veggies like asparagus, endive, or jicama. Try dipping French bread!

Spicy Sausage Soup with Cilantro

An easy yet hearty and outstanding soup of hot Italian sausage, vegetables, and cilantro. A very popular dish appealing to sight, taste and aroma. Serve with warm rye rolls or bread sticks.

Fabulous Cilantro Pesto

This is a delicious version of the classic with a little more zip! You can substitute the vinegar with lime juice, lemon juice or Italian salad dressing.

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Shredded chicken, fresh cilantro, green chile salsa and jalapeno salsa flavor these sour cream enchiladas. They are very easy to make, and are for lunch the next day. They are somewhat spicy-hot and full of cilantro.

Heather's Cilantro, Black Bean, and Corn Salsa

This is a fun summer recipe that can be served on its own, or with tortilla chips. It is also beautiful, so make sure you have a clear bowl to put it in.

Cilantro Cooler

According to Jamie Boudreau, a good aperitif often hints at the meal that will follow. This light, summery cilantro-spiked drink—which Boudreau likes to mix with a eucalyptus-infused simple syrup—would be a great lead-up to Mexican food.

Pear-Cilantro Margarita

Reposado tequila, pear nectar, simple syrup, fresh lime and lemon juice, and chopped cilantro come together in this refreshing margarita.

Pico De Gallo

This pico de gallo is loaded with fresh cilantro, and we love serving it with grilled steak tacos.

Warm Flank Steak Salad with Mint and Cilantro

Thai cooks typically serve meat already sliced so it's easier to eat. Here, Andy Ricker tosses pieces of soy-marinated flank steak with fresh mint, cilantro and roasted rice powder. The powder, a thickener in Thai curries, adds a fun crunch but is optional.

Thai Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Dipping Sauce

Cilantro stems get in the act in this recipe; they’re pureed with the leaves, jalapeños, garlic, fish sauce, and sesame oil to make a flavorful coating for grilled chicken. The dipping sauce, which also contains cilantro, is a classic Thai sweet-and-sour sauce.

Mussels with Crème Fraîche, Jalapeños and Cilantro

Grace Parisi creates an amazing alternative to classic mussels in white wine, with clam broth, jalapeños and cilantro.

Chile-Cilantro Pesto

Rick Bayless of Chicago's Frontera Grill keeps extra cilantro from going to waste by using it in this pesto, which can stay in the fridge for two months. Try it on fish or add a little to soup.

Top Rated Cilantro Recipes

The name is translated as "fresh water," but the drink is so much more than simple …

What is Cilantro?

Cilantro is the fresh leafy part of the coriander plant. Particularly outside the USA, cilantro may go by other names including dhania, coriander leaves, Chinese parsley and Mexican parsley.

Cilantro Shopping Tips

Buy green leafy vegetables like arugula, watercress, and collards – they are good sources of vitamins A, C, and K and minerals like iron and calcium.

Cilantro Cooking Tips

Brighten up sandwiches or salads with small, tender leaves like spinach and add larger, tougher leaves like kale to soups and stews.

Spicy Black Bean and Corn Tacos

Filled with black beans, avocado, and crunchy raw summer corn marinated in bright lime juice along with jalapeño, cilantro, and toasted nuts and seeds, these hearty tacos make an easy to cook, easy to eat weeknight dinner.

Curried Lentil, Tomato, and Coconut Soup

Packed with flavor from curry powder, fresh ginger, and cilantro, this fragrant soup is wonderfully filling, but won’t weigh you down.

Chipotle-Style Cilantro-Lime Rice

This homemade version of a popular Chipotle restaurant menu item livens up plain white rice with lime juice and tons of cilantro. Serve it as a side dish or top with cooked vegetables and salsa to make a quick burrito bowl.

Baked Eggs with Coconut Milk and Cilantro

This easy, impressive, tropical-leaning dish is tasty enough to serve at a brunch party and quick enough for a weekday morning.

Fried Whole Fish With Tomatillo Sauce

Blend cilantro stems into a bright salsa to serve alongside this whole fried fish.

Green Curry with Brown Rice Noodles and Swiss Chard

Don’t skimp on the fresh herb garnishes for this recipe; they will serve as a good contrast to the curry.

Spring Lamb in Herbs

Any tender herb or green can be used in this riff on a traditional Georgian spring dish, but cilantro and dill make a wonderfully fragrant, traditional pairing.

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