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What is Gordon Ramsay's Best meal?

Gordon Ramsay said the "best meal" he's ever made was for Princess Diana during the 1990s. The celebrity chef discussed his royal encounter during an episode of his Greek food travel show. Calling her "Lady Di," Ramsay described Diana as one of the "most gracious" royals he's ever met.

What is Gordon Ramsay's most famous recipe?

the Beef WellingtonKnown across the world as Gordon Ramsay's signature dish, the Beef Wellington is something we're immensely proud of.

What should I make for dinner Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsay recipesRack of lamb with warm salad of mixed beans & slow-roast tomatoes. ... Pan-fried sea trout, peas & chorizo fricassée. ... Frozen banana & praline parfait. ... Spaghetti with seafood velouté ... Beef bourguignon with celeriac mash. ... Chocolate marquise. ... Beef wellington. ... Lemon tart with summer berries.More items...

What is Gordon Ramsay's favorite comfort food?

0:4445:23Gordon Ramsay Shows His Favourite Festive Comfort Food - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIn. Whatever the day this is some of the winter comfort food my family can't get enough of beef.MoreIn. Whatever the day this is some of the winter comfort food my family can't get enough of beef.

What is Gordon Ramsay's least favorite food?

Deep-fried turkey. Gordon Ramsay doesn't just hate pineapple pizza. To that list, you can also add grits, American sandwiches, and deep fried turkey.

What is Gordon Ramsay's most expensive dish?

The world's most expensive pizza The title of most expensive pizza on earth was—for some time—held by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, whose $2,000 beast of a pie was topped with a mountain of North Sea lobster.

What is Gordon Ramsay's recipe app?

One of our favorite iOS apps this week is Gordon Ramsay's Cook With Me, which features 52 mouth-watering recipes, with simple to follow steps for cooking up gorgeous dishes.

What are some fancy meals?

25 Easy Fancy Dinner RecipesBacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin. ... Easy Crab Cakes Recipe. ... Texas Roadhouse Prime Rib Recipe. ... Honey Roast Duck. ... Best Ever Beef Wellington Recipe. ... Braised Short Ribs. ... Creamy Spinach Stuffed Salmon in Garlic Butter. ... Roast Rack of Lamb Recipe with Garlic and Herb Crust.More items...•

What does Gordon Ramsay cook with at home?

But at home, Gordon uses HexClad cookware. Ramsay said, “I use the Hexclad pans at home; the combination of stainless steel and non-stick is fantastic.

What kind of bacon does Gordon Ramsay use?

0:198:57Gordon's Guide To Bacon - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipBut a great cheap alternative is streaky bacon and it's what i'll be using for my thrifty lunchMoreBut a great cheap alternative is streaky bacon and it's what i'll be using for my thrifty lunch smoky bacon onions potatoes sweet corn. It's amazing how cheap the ingredients are that go into.

Who's the best chef in the world?

Introducing Joël Robuchon - the chef with the highest number of Michelin stars. He holds number one spot among the world's top 10 chefs, making him the world's best chef according to the Michelin star rating.

What is Gordon Ramsay's cooking style?

Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay OBESpouse(s)Tana Hutcheson ​ ( m. 1996)​Children5, including TillyCulinary careerCooking styleFrench Italian British9 more rows

Traditional Beef Wellington

Try this traditional Beef Wellington recipe at home, guaranteed to impress your friends and family. Get cooking!

Roast Turkey with Lemon, Parsley and Garlic

Serves 8-10. 3 hours prep and cooking time, plus resting. The ultimate Christmas recipe, this is Gordon's favourite way to roast turkey – with a savoury butter to keep the breast meat moist.

Honey Glazed Ham

Serves 8-10. 4 hours 15 minutes prep and cooking time, plus resting. A glazed ham is a Boxing Day buffet essential, and Gordon’s easy honey glaze is perfect for any Christmas feast.

Mulled Wine

Serves 4-6. 10 minutes prep time, plus infusing. Get into the festive spirit with a traditional Christmas cocktail, our classic mulled wine recipe is the perfect winter warmer or party drink to serve to a crowd.

Turkey Gravy with Cider and Walnuts

Serves 8-10. 1 hour 15 minutes prep and cooking time. Add the finishing touch to your Christmas dinner with Gordon’s rich cider gravy, made with the turkey juices for flavour and crunchy walnuts for an unusual twist.


Serves 8-10. 25 minutes prep and cooking time, plus chilling. Ever wondered how to make eggnog? This classic Christmas cocktail is a must for a festive party, so try our easy eggnog recipe at home.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Caramel Sauce & Ice Cream

Serves 6-8. Enjoy this deliciously sweet recipe straight from Bread Street Kitchen

20 His "Best Scrambled Eggs" Are The Best For A Reason

In culinary school, you'll reach a point in learning about classic cuisine from France where your instructor will finally come clean and tell you the secret of good food: Butter. While this is obviously not 100% accurate and isn't always the key ( rarely, though), the key to these perfect scrambled eggs is a heaping three tablespoons of butter.

19 Let's Talk Desert: 4-Minute Chocolate Mousse

Let's face it: Chocolate is the best thing in the world next to hot showers and sheets fresh out of the dryer. The only thing better than chocolate itself is a four-minute chocolate mousse. Not only is this recipe quick, but it's absolutely divine. The first attempt will likely take you just over four minutes but come on...

18 Ground Sirloin Is Key To His Ultimate Burger

While Ramsay has several different keys to what the "ultimate" burger is, this recipe is simple and uncomplicated. It takes ground sirloin to a whole new level and makes use of ingredients you'll likely already have in your pantry.

17 Don't Fear Risotto, Embrace It: Ramsay's Wild Mushroom Risotto

When the term "risotto" comes up in conversation -- we're not sure when it would but when it does -- people usually cringe at the thought of making it themselves. It's unclear why risotto has such a reputation for being challenging to make but we can only presume it's due to the specific nature of its cooking process.

16 Chicken Is Just Better When It's Stuffed

Looking for an elevated take on your weeknight chicken dinner? Rather than serve your stuffing on the side, just stick it in your chicken! This recipe takes some prep and comes to you in the form of two steps, but it's completely worth it.

15 Try This Roast Turkey With Lemon, Just In Time For Thanksgiving

The holidays are coming and that means one thing: Pressure. There's pressure about family visits, holiday parties, gifts, and, of course, the food that will be on your menu come November and December. This roast turkey will have you thanking that bloody good chef from the UK the second that glorious smell wafts over to you from the oven.

14 Chicken Curry Is A Comfort Food

We've got three words for you: Malaysian Chicken Curry. If you're down for a challenge, this recipe is something you should not miss out on. Take your culinary skills to a new level with this delectable blend of spices; you'll be sure to take your dinner guests to a new world entirely.

9 – buttermilk pancakes

Your ninth favourite recipe is a weekend breakfast classic (or weekday if you’re feeling super organised). Buttermilk pancakes are thick, fluffy and taste even better when covered in your favourite toppings.

8 – beef wellington

Gordon’s signature dish had to be on the list somewhere. From the Savoy Grill to Bread Street Kitchen, Petrus to maze Grill Park Walk – this is a dish that our chefs simply love to make.

7 – truffle mac and cheese

If you haven’t added truffle to your mac and cheese before, then you’re missing out. It’s as simple as that! The heady truffle really elevates the earthy flavour of this mac and cheese dish, making it the perfect accompaniment to a roast, meat dish, or simply as a main dish itself.

6 – pizza dough recipe

One of the best ways to get kids interested in cooking – making a pizza that they can decorate. Our sixth most popular recipe is this simple pizza dough from street pizza. Best of all, it only uses a few ingredients.

5 – fish and mushy peas

The British classic – delicious in a restaurant, out of the newspaper, or homemade by you. Make sure to use the best quality cod fillets (or haddock, or pollock – whatever your fishmonger has fresh) then the batter is easy – flour, rice flour, baking powder, soda water, lager, and a pinch of salt.

4 – bsk burger

This burger combines minced short rib, minced chuck, and minced brisket to create a complex, flavourful taste – that will keep you coming back to this recipe again and again! Its simple to make and satisfying to eat – no wonder it’s your fourth favourite recipe on our website!

3 – trifle

In third place, the humble trifle. Everyone knows someone who has a trifle recipe that they keep close to their chest - whether your nan makes the best ever trifle (but refuses to share the recipe) or your mum whips one up every Christmas without any instructions.

Marinated Beet and Chicory Salad with Herbed Goat Cheese, Pickled Apples, and Prosciutto

Get as fancy as you like at home with this beautiful, refreshing, and earthy salad. There are mini-recipes within that you can use on their own, or play around and adjust to your liking!

Candied Chickpea Snack Mix

Makes 2 ½ cups. Bring a little excitement into your life and ditch that stale cupboard trail mix. Feel free to change up the spices to your liking.

Warm French Lentils with Labneh, Poached Egg and Crunchy Salad

Serves 2. Warm lentils are topped with cool labneh and a sumac-flavored crunchy salad for a filling and nutritious meal any time of the day.

Southern Indian Fish Curry

This is a lightly spiced, creamy curry with a delicately sweet-and-sour flavour that is popular in the southern regions of India. Serve it with boiled basmati or brown rice for a perfectly balanced pre-exercise meal.

Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

This is the quickest, easiest and healthiest jam recipe around. It uses the gelling power of chia seeds to transform a couple of punnets of raspberries into jam .

Chocolate and avocado mousse

A surprisingly decadent pudding that is so much better for you than the egg-based classic.

Apple, Mint, Spinach, Lime and Cucumber Juice

A freshly squeezed juice is a great, vitamin-packed way to start the day. It wakes up the taste buds and rehydrates the body after a long night’s sleep.

10. Fish Cakes with Anchovy Dressing

There’s an episode of Kitchen Nightmares from back when it was only on the BBC where Gordon Ramsay finds himself in a struggling restaurant that serves fish cakes as one of its main dishes. Ramsay quickly notes that these fish cakes, served from frozen, are flavorless, and have no visual flair to make people want to eat them.

9. Roast Chicken

A good roast chicken is one of the most common meals in the world. It’s delicious, hearty, and always welcome at any dinner table, even among the pickiest eaters. However, despite its popularity, few people really know how to make a really, truly great roast chicken.

8. Herb Omelette

Knowing how to make an omelette is another essential skill to have in the kitchen. After all, there might not be a more popular breakfast item than a well-made omelette. Omelettes are also great because they demand customization. You can put almost any food item you can think of in an omelette and it is going to taste amazing.

7. Meatball Subs

A meatball sub is practically the perfect sandwich, isn’t it? What’s not to love about these hearty, filling, and delicious sandwiches? First, you’ve got good, solid meatballs, which are always a winner. After all, who doesn’t love meat in spherical form? No one, that’s who. Next, you have rich, delicious tomato sauce.

6. Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Trying to find new things to make for dinner can be a difficult task. Often, people will end up resigned to eating the same things over and over again, simply because they are cheap, easy to make, and do the job of filling their belly. However, no human can eat the same thing day in and day out and be truly happy.

5. Mini Chocolate Tarts

When it’s time for dessert, there’s only one way to make everyone happy: chocolate. Whether it’s chocolate cake, ice cream, or even just some good old-fashioned bonbons, it’s hard for people to resist chocolate’s siren song.

4. Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is probably one of the most popular dishes in England. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be either. Butter chicken is one of the most delicious and rich meals you can have.

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