best habanero sauce recipe

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How to make mango habanero sauce?


  • Give the habaneros a good rinse and de-stem them. ...
  • Chop up the mango. ...
  • Saute a roughly chopped onion and 2 whole, peeled garlic cloves in a glug of oil. ...
  • Once the onion is starting to brown you can add the 6 habanero peppers, 1 cup chopped mango pieces, 1" piece of peeled ginger, 3/4 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup ...

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How spicy is a habanero pepper really?

Habanero peppers range from 100,000 to 350,000 on the Scoville scale. For comparison, a jalapeño pepper is merely 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville heat units. And another popular chili – the poblano pepper – tops off at a mere 1,500. That’s up to 140 times hotter than a mild jalapeño, if you get the hottest possible habanero.

How to use habanero peppers in your cooking?

Method 1 of 3: Ways to Cook Habaneros Download Article

  1. Use a gas stovetop to roast peppers quickly. This also gives the peppers a delicious smoky char. ...
  2. Roast habanero peppers on the grill for a charred flavor. Set your grill to high and place your habanero peppers directly over the flames.
  3. Soften habanero peppers by sautéing them over medium-high heat. ...

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How hot is mango habanero sauce?

🥭 Ingredients

  • Mango. Pick a Mango variety that is super sweet. The sweeter, the better, and I love using deep orange mangoes because the color of the sauce turns out vibrant and ...
  • Habanero Peppers. Use whole fresh habaneros peppers. ...
  • Vinegar. The vinegar you choose for this sauce will determine the pungent flavor of the hot sauce. ...


What is habanero sauce made of?

Insanely delicious, spicy habanero hot sauce with 5 simple ingredients: onion, garlic, lime, habanero peppers, and salt! Spicy, creamy, and perfect atop tacos, burritos, nachos, and more!

What is a good habanero hot sauce?

The Best Habanero Hot SaucesKitchen Garden Farm Sriracha.Secret Aardvark Habanero.Queen Majesty – Red Habanero & Black Coffee.Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce.Hot Ones – Los Calientes Rojo.Torchbearer – Habanero Evil.TABASCO – Habanero Sauce.Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauce.More items...•

How long does homemade habanero hot sauce last?

How Long Does Hot Sauce Last? With homemade sauce, it is wise to always test the pH level. However, with this recipe, the contents are about 50% vinegar, meaning it should last at least 3 months in the refrigerator.

What spices go well with habanero?

Common flavor pairings for habanero pepperlime. red onion.cilantro. salt. ginger.onion.brown sugar.

How much vinegar do you put in hot sauce?

20%-25% of the hot sauce should be vinegar to preserve it. The same amount of citrus/pickle juice should do it too, though there will be variances depending on other ingredients you'll be using. The pH level is going to be key here so I recommend getting a pH tester, you'll want your finished hot sauce to be at 3.4.

Is habanero sauce healthy?

Hot peppers such as habaneros, jalapeños, ghosts, and serranos come with concentrated dosages of essential antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, such vitamin A and vitamin C. The antioxidants in hot sauce can lower blood pressure, help to reduce inflammation and contain contain anti-aging properties.

Can bacteria grow in hot sauce?

Keeping sauces at room temperature is inviting the potential growth of bacteria and molds, as these tend to thrive in warm, moist environments (like inside your hot sauce bottles). As a rule of thumb, vinegar based sauces are better at keeping, but should still be stored in the fridge for safety.

Can I freeze homemade habanero sauce?

Freezing hot sauce can be an option if the sauce is homemade and you have too much of it. You probably won't need to do it with a commercial hot sauce since most of those contain preservatives that ensure a long shelf life even at room temperature.

Does hot sauce get hotter with age?

Just know that your sauce could actually get hotter as the chilies within it age. One quick tip: shake up your bottle of hot sauce if it's a little older. Things can settle at the bottom that you'll want mixed around, and a good shake could revitalize the bottle and bring flavors back to life.

Are habaneros hotter than jalapenos?

The Scoville heat unit (SHU) rating is then assigned based on the quantity of dilution, with the ratings working on a linear scale: a 350,000 SHU habanero is 100 times hotter than a 3,500 SHU jalapeño.

Why are my habaneros not hot?

Crops of chili peppers not hot may be a combination of improper soil and site situations, variety, or even poor cultivation practices. Chili pepper heat is borne in the membranes surrounding the seeds. If you get healthy fruit, they will have a full interior of the pithy hot membranes and a higher heat range.

What color habanero is the hottest?

The Red Savina is still the hottest habanero and held the title of World's Hottest Pepper for many years.


This recipe was easy to follow. If you sample the hot sauce by itself it’s a little “burn your face off” up front, but gives a nice balanced kick when put on food. The tangy-ness of the citrus and vinegar comes through after the initial heat, so I appreciate that it has some flavor too.


Turned out really good! It’s a lot o hot sauce... so you could probably half the recipe and be fine!

John Carp

I've just finished making this recipe. It tastes fantastic. This sauce is now top of my list. Goodbye Encona! What a Great Recipe 👍


Wear gloves when touching the habanero peppers. Came out awesome really good spice and flavorful.

Kendra Cruz

I made this and I am only 11 but I love spicy food so I made Garlic mac n' cheese and put this in it and I love it! I would have put in quite a bit of vinegar but overall an amazing recipe!

Nadine Van Eeden

I made half the recipe, added a couple of sun dried tomatoes, a tablespoon of Demerara sugar, rosemary & fresh basil, but it was too thick to blend - had to add more water. Got about 200ml sauce - after adding water. Made a second batch, followed the recipe, but it was still too thick. Added a cup of water. Got about 1 1/2 cups of sauce.

imad doumit

put gloves , mask and goggles u needed it 😝,i added more salt and lemon at the end. i burned the peppers abit it gave it a smokey flavour that i loved. verry easy and quick recipe 😋👌

Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

If you’re new to habaneros you’ll frequently find them next to the jalapenos in the produce section.

Habanero Hot Sauce

Consider yourself warned! This is a massively fiery Habanero Hot Sauce! All you need is a drop or two to amp up your favorite dish, with a special nod to Fish Tacos. Yum! (Note: instructions not meant for canning or long term preserving.)


Use caution (or gloves) if it's your first time using habanero peppers. Be sure not to touch your eyes or nose when handling them. Wash hands (and knife) thoroughly after handling them. A single cup of fruit seems to be a good ratio for this recipe. I used 3/4 cup peach and 1/4 cup pineapple but feel free to get creative.

1. Kitchen Garden Farm Sriracha

We first discovered Kitchen Garden Farm’s habanero sriracha at a local farmer’s market. They were just getting started with their small-batch sauces.

3. Secret Aardvark Habanero

There is nothing more endearing than a hot sauce company logo that depicts a cute, fuzzy animal eating its own hot sauce. Secret Aardvark has a variety of interesting sauce options. These range from black bean sauce to one of our favorite Habanero hot sauces.

4. Queen Majesty – Red Habanero & Black Coffee

Talk about unique. Did you ever think your hot sauce would go well with the bold flavor of black coffee? Well, the Italian culinary geniuses at Queen Majesty Hot Sauce did.

5. Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce

Yellowbird hot sauces are made in Texas and are extremely popular within the state. They have many varieties of sauces, but the habanero shines bright.

6. Hot Ones – Los Calientes Rojo

Truly one of the best hot sauces we have ever tasted, Los Calientes Rojo is a marvel. This sauce was initially meant to be a short-term variant of the original Los Calientes, but was met with high demand and eventually came back.

7. Torchbearer – Habanero Evil

If you love garlic, you’re going to love Habanero Evil hot sauce by Torchbearer. Garlic is the second ingredient in this sauce, and you can clearly see it suspended in the raw sauce.

8. TABASCO – Habanero Sauce

Easily one of our most heavily used sauces, Tabasco Habanero Sauce is amazingly dense with flavor. It is also easy to find at most major grocery stores.

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