best homemade soup recipes ever

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How to make the best homemade soups?


  • 6 bacon strips, diced
  • 3 cups cubed peeled potatoes
  • 1 small carrot, grated
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon celery seed
  • 1 can (14-1/2 ounces) chicken broth
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

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How to make the best homemade soup?

  • Blend it: Put all or part of the soup (except for the meat) into a blender or use an immersion blender. ...
  • Add cornstarch or flour: Start with a tablespoon of cornstarch or all-purpose flour in a small bowl, and whisk in enough water to make a thin slurry. ...
  • Add beurre manié: That's flour and butter paste to the rest of us. ...

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What are the Best Soups to make at home?

Top 10 Recipes for Soup

  • Creamy White Chili. Years ago, as a time-starved college student, I got this wonderful recipe from my sister-in-law. ...
  • Cheeseburger Paradise Soup
  • The Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup

What is the best soup to make?

The Best Soup Recipes of 2021

  • The Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup. ...
  • Over-the-Rainbow Minestrone. ...
  • Traditional New England Clam Chowder. ...
  • Quick Golden Squash Soup. ...
  • Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup. ...
  • The Best Chicken & Dumplings. ...
  • Beef Lentil Soup. ...
  • Best-Ever Potato Soup. ...
  • Neighborhood Bean Soup. ...
  • The Best Ever Tomato Soup. ...

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What is the most delicious soup in the world?

20 of the world's best soupsBanga | Nigeria. Banga is so popular in Nigeria that shops sell ready-mixed packets of spice. ... Borscht | Ukraine. ... Bouillabaisse | France. ... Caldo verde | Portugal. ... Chorba frik | Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. ... Gazpacho | Spain. ... Groundnut soup | West Africa. ... Gumbo | United States.More items...•

What are the 10 most popular soups?

20 Popular American SoupsWendy's Chili Recipe.Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe.Great Northern Bean Soup.Cream of Mushroom Soup.Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup.Chipotle Black Bean Soup Recipe.Paula Deen's Taco Soup.Black-Eyed Pea Soup.More items...•

What is the number one best soup in the world?

The most famous soups in the worldGazpacho (Spain)Harira (Morocco)Laksa (Malaysia and Singapore)Yayla çorbası (Turkey)Minestrone (Italy)Tom Yum (Thailand)Tortilla Soup (Mexico)Caldo Verde (Portugal)More items...

What is the secret to making good soup?

10 Tips for Making Good Homemade SoupsMake Extra. Before getting started on your homemade soup, make sure to get enough ingredients to double the recipe. ... Make Your Own Stock. ... Chop Ingredients Into Bite-Sized Pieces. ... Sauté Your Veggies. ... Calculate Cook Time. ... Let It Simmer. ... Add Noodles. ... Don't Freeze Noodles.More items...

What are the 6 types of soups?

0:003:54The 6 Types Of Soup (Beware: Watching This Video ... - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThese salts are divided into two groups clear soup and thick soup consomme bouillon and broth areMoreThese salts are divided into two groups clear soup and thick soup consomme bouillon and broth are examples of transparent soups purees veloute cream and other are examples of thick. Soup.

What are the 5 types of soups?

5 Types of Thick SoupCream Soup.Puree Soup.Bisque.Chowder Soup.Veloute Soup.

What is the #1 vegetable soup in the world?

sinigangMetro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 3) — The Philippines' sinigang is the world's best rated vegetable soup according to an international food and lifestyle website, besting 161 other dishes from different countries.

What is the weirdest soup?

Weirdest Soups of All TimeMenudo Soup. A traditional Mexican must-have in celebrations, Menudo soup, is a spicy soup made from tripe which is the stomach lining of a cow. ... Bird Nest Soup. ... Shirako Soup. ... Vietnamese Blood Soup. ... Kiburu Soup. ... Iguana Soup. ... Beer Soup. ... Bat Soup.More items...

Which country has the best soup in the world?

Our Picks for the Best Soups in the WorldPhở (Vietnam) Phở is a popular breakfast food in Vietnam. ... Ramen (Japan) ... Borscht (Eastern Europe) ... Wonton Noodle Soup (China) ... Caldo Verde (Portugal) ... Cullen Skink (Scotland) ... Khao Soi (Thailand) ... Vegetable Soup (Various Countries)More items...•

What is the most important ingredient in soup?

brothGreat broth — Most soups are anchored by a stock or broth, and one with depth of flavor (not just a lot of salt) is key. Buy a quality one, or simmer up a batch of your own. Try an easy chicken or mushroom broth, or our versatile Homemade Vegetable Broth. Beans — Beans are one of those can't-miss additions to soups.

What makes a bowl of soup more flavorful?

"If your broth is lacking in savory richness, try adding roasted onion, tomato paste, mushrooms, seaweed, soy sauce, or miso. These ingredients add umami flavor and depth to broth," she says.

Does soup get better the longer you cook it?

-Let it cook. After it's come to a boil and you've turned it down to a simmer, let it cook for awhile. 10 minutes, 15 minutes... whatever you want. Just know the longer you cook it, the more flavor that will come out of the food and into the soup.

French Onion Soup

"This is the best French onion soup I've ever made. It was thick, rich and the flavor was outstanding. I wouldn't change a thing; why mess with perfection?"

Chicken Tortellini Soup

"This was very tasty. I had all the ingredients on hand, and not a lot of time, so this worked out great for me."

Beef Noodle Soup

"I thought this would be a nice 'warm the belly' dinner on a cold rainy night, and I was right!"

Hearty Portuguese Kale Soup

"Wonderful combination of fresh kale, chorizo sausage, beans and comforting chicken broth. This recipe changed my outlook on kale!"

Spicy Taco Bean Soup

"Thick, delicious and healthy! I don't think anyone would miss the meat in this soup. The refried beans really give this a thick-bodied texture."

Butternut Squash Bisque

"This was an excellent bisque and very easy to put together. Only problem was that I didn't make enough for seconds. The hint of nutmeg made the difference—don't forget it."

Broccoli Cheese Soup

"This is a very nice broccoli cheese soup that isn't complicated to prepare."

Simmer up one of these homemade soup recipes on a cool day. Check out our favorite recipes for chicken noodle, French onion, split pea and more!

Simmer up one of these homemade soup recipes on a cool day. Check out our favorite recipes for chicken noodle, French onion, split pea and more!

The Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup

My first Wisconsin winter was so cold, all I wanted to eat was homemade chicken noodle soup. Of all the chicken noodle soup recipes out there, this one is my favorite, and is in heavy rotation from November to April. It has many incredibly devoted fans.—Gina Nistico, Denver, Colorado

Grandma's Chicken 'n' Dumpling Soup

I've enjoyed making this rich homemade chicken dumpling soup recipe for more than 40 years. Every time I serve this type of soup, I remember my southern grandma, who was very special to me and was known as an outstanding cook. —Paulette Balda, Prophetstown, Illinois

Broccoli Chowder

Sue Call of Beech Grove, Indiana serves this comforting soup on chilly stay-at-home evenings. Nutmeg seasons the light creamy broth that's chock-full of tender broccoli florets and diced potatoes.

Easy Beef Soup

This colorful, easy beef soup comes together in minutes. Even my husband, who admits he’s no cook, makes it on occasion.” —Agnes Bierbaum, Gainesville, Florida

Cream of Chicken Soup

After tasting a similar soup in a restaurant, I went home and cooked up my own version. It’s so soothing on a winter evening served with crusty French bread. For a change of pace, try substituting ham or turkey for the chicken. —Kathleen Rappleye, Mesa, Arizona

French Onion Soup

My seven-year-old daughter Heather and I enjoy spending time together cooking, but our days are busy, so we appreciate quick and tasty recipes like this one. Hot and delicious, this soup hits the spot for lunch or dinner. -Sandra Chambers, Carthage, Mississippi

From cheddar broccoli to cheeseburger, these are the popular soup recipes that Taste of Home readers just can't get enough of!

From cheddar broccoli to cheeseburger, these are the popular soup recipes that Taste of Home readers just can't get enough of!

Cheesy Broccoli Soup in a Bread Bowl

This creamy, cheesy broccoli soup tastes just like the one served at Panera Bread! My family requests it all the time. You can even make your own homemade bread bowls with the recipe on my blog, Yammie’s Noshery. —Rachel Preus, Marshall, Michigan

Cheeseburger Soup

A local restaurant serves a similar cheeseburger soup but wouldn't share its recipe with me. I developed my own, modifying a recipe I already had for potato soup. I was really pleased with the way this all-American dish turned out. —Joanie Shawhan, Madison, Wisconsin

Cauliflower Soup

This cheesy recipe is way tastier than any other cauliflower soup I've tried! We like it with hot pepper sauce for a little extra kick. —Debbie Ohlhausen, Chilliwack, British Columbia

Stuffed Pepper Soup

I was talking about stuffed peppers with the other cooks at the restaurant where I work. We decided to mix similar ingredients for a soup. Customer response was overwhelming! —Krista Muddiman, Meadville, Pennsylvania

Cheesy Ham Chowder

My five children all agree that this soothing recipe is wonderful. The soup is full of potatoes, carrots and ham. The best part is that I can get it on the table in only a half hour of hands-on time. —Jennifer Trenhaile, Emerson, Nebraska

Chicken Wild Rice Soup

I'm originally from Minnesota, where wild rice grows in abundance and is very popular in recipes. This creamy chicken and wild rice soup has been part of our Christmas Eve menu for years. To save time, I cook the chicken and wild rice and cut up the vegetables the day before. —Virginia Montmarquet, Riverside, California

Mexican Chicken Lime Soup

Rach's pal Daisy Martinez takes inspiration from a journey to Mexico and heats up a classic comfort food.

Tomato Minestrone Soup with Garlic Bread Croutons

This hearty soup is a well-rounded meal, full of fresh veggies, beans and hearty pasta!

White Bean & Ham Soup

Let this soup simmer away in your slow cooker all day for a rich, hearty flavor.

Toasted Orzo Chicken Soup

Toasting the orzo beforehand creates a nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with chicken and veggies.

French Onion Soup

Who doesn't love a classic French onion soup? Our recipe only takes five ingredients to make!

Beer and Cheese Soup

Beer and cheese are a comfort food match made in heaven. Save this recipe for cold winter nights!

Spicy Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

Red curry paste is the secret to this sweet and spicy soup. It'll warm you from the inside, out!

Why these are the best

Among this list, you'll find several quick options that make perfect busy weeknight meals. You'll also find several that are great for the freezer, so you can do the work once and enjoy it twice!

Easy Potato Soup

Our Easy Potato Soup is thick, creamy, hearty, and filling—everything you'd want in a soup when you're famished on a chilly day. The good news is that you can make it in about 30 minutes with simple ingredients you probably have on hand already.

Authentic New Mexico Posole

Our flavorful New Mexico hominy stew is packed with rich, warm flavor with a heat that's just right. Although it takes about 4 hours to make, don't be intimated. This stew is incredibly easy; it just takes a bit of time to build up the stew and develop the flavors.

Homemade Tomato Bisque

You're going to love the layers of flavor in our Tomato Bisque! Bisque is creamier and thicker than tomato soup, so it's more filling. It's ready in just over 30 minutes, so this bisque makes the perfect weeknight or lunchtime meal.

Instant Pot Ham and Potato Soup

This meaty, hearty, savory, thick Ham and Potato Soup will quickly become a family favorite! It's made with two kinds of potatoes—Yukon Gold for the creamy texture and some russet potatoes to thicken the soup.

Lentil Soup

This recipe for Vegetarian Lentil Soup is made in the pressure cooker for a quick and easy meal. It's finished with a splash of red wine vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil. Delish!

Turkey Corn Chowder

For a stick-to-your-ribs kind of soup, try our Turkey Corn Chowder. It's perfect for using up those holiday turkey leftovers, but it's fantastic with leftover chicken, too. With big chunks of potato and turkey in a thick, creamy soup, you can't go wrong.

Treat yourself to a warm and comforting meal that is guaranteed delicious with one of our award-winning soup recipes

Treat yourself to a warm and comforting meal that is guaranteed delicious with one of our award-winning soup recipes.

Contest-Winning Easy Minestrone

This minestrone soup recipe is special to me because it’s one of the few dinners my entire family loves. And I can feel good about serving it because it’s full of nutrition and low in fat. —Lauren Brennan, Hood River, Oregon

Rustic Italian Tortellini Soup

This is my favorite tortellini soup recipe. It’s quick to fix on a busy night and full of healthy, tasty ingredients. It originally called for spicy sausage links, but I’ve found that turkey sausage, or even ground turkey breast, is just as good. —Tracy Fasnacht, Irwin, Pennsylvania

Best Ever Potato Soup

You’ll be surprised at the taste of this rich and cheesy easy potato soup. It really is the best potato soup recipe, ever. I came up with it after enjoying baked potato soup at one of our favorite restaurants. I added bacon, and we think that makes it even better. —Coleen Morrissey, Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania

Classic French Onion Soup

Enjoy my signature French onion soup the way my granddaughter Becky does: I make onion soup for her in a crock bowl, complete with garlic croutons and gobs of melted Swiss cheese on top. —Lou Sansevero, Ferron, Utah

Comforting Chicken Noodle Soup

A good friend made us this rich, comforting, creamy chicken noodle soup after the birth of our son. It was such a help to have dinner taken care of until I was back on my feet. This yummy dish is so simple to fix that now I give a pot of it (along with the recipe) to other new mothers. —Joanna Sargent, Sandy, Utah

Easy Dutch Oven Minestrone Soup

This Dutch oven minestrone soup is quick to prepare with shortcut ingredients and is ready in less than an hour. Add a salad and a warm crusty loaf of bread to round out the meal. —Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas

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