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What is the best temperature to brew a hazy IPA?

Begin fermenting at 65F and then boost the temp to 70F when adding the dry hops. 1oz Citra (Did I mention I love this hop?) The beer came out fantastic! If you are considering brewing up a Hazy IPA, I highly recommend this recipe. Homebrew Supply also has a extract version of the recipe available for extract brewers.

What is a hazy IPA?

Unlike the classic American IPA, these cloudy IPAs have a low level of bitterness and restrained malt character that make way for the stars of the show: hop flavor and aroma. Browse through these 19 hazy IPA recipes, including New England-style classics, fruited versions, and National Homebrew Competition medal-winners.

How do you make a hazy IPA or neipa taste good?

In hazy IPAs and NEIPA we want to minimise bitterness as much as possible and focus purely on aroma and mouthfeel. Water high in sulphates enhances bitterness so you will want to think about this when preparing your brewing water. I have brewed NEIPA and packaged in both keg and bottle.

How long do you add hops to an IPA?

This helps to push full, aromatic qualities of the IPA and keep them front and centre. This means adding the vast majority of the hops at the end of the boil. There may be no 60 minute hop addition at all. I have had success with hopping 30 minutes into a 60 minute boil and also in the last 15 minutes.


What makes a juicy Hazy IPA?

A Juicy IPA is all about the hops! Look to use more fruit-forward hops like Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, Amarillo and El Dorado. Be sure to add them later in the boil and at whirlpool to maintain the aroma. Then dry hop with copious amounts like 4 to 6 oz per 5 gallons.

How do you make Hazy IPA more hazy?

Another easy way to create a hazy is to use a yeast that stays floating in the brew. Most brewer's yeast will clump together, or flocculate. It will fall to the bottom of the tank or rise to the top when fermentation ends, says White. Traditional beer makers avoided yeast that didn't flocculate, like his WLP008 strain.

Are hazy and juicy IPA the same?

The Hazy IPA goes by many names including New England IPA, juicy IPA, East Coast IPA, and unfiltered IPA. It has taken the beer industry by storm. Hazy IPAs tend to be lower on the bitterness scale and offer tropical and juicy flavors. They also have a fuller or creamier mouthfeel, and are often sweeter.

What do you add to water for Hazy IPA?

The most common minerals/additions used to adjust water are calcium chloride, calcium sulfate (gypsum), Epsom salt, chalk, baking soda, lactic acid, and phosphoric acid. I honestly really only use calcium chloride, gypsum, and 88% lactic acid.

Why did my Hazy IPA turn brown?

The first sign of oxidation in New England IPA is color darkening. After that, you start noticing that the hop aroma and flavors seem a bit more muted than they were originally. Finally, you start to get to the worst and most hated sign of oxidation – the “wet cardboard” off-flavor.

Is Heady Topper a Hazy IPA?

Heady Topper is a double IPA-style beer with an 8-percent ABV. The beer is unpasteurized and unfiltered, giving it a hazy look and full-bodied mouthfeel.

Is there juice in a juicy IPA?

What is a juicy IPA? When we're talking about beer, the term "Juicy" refers to the aroma and taste of the beer being reminiscent of fruit juice, typically citrus or stone fruit. These flavors and aromas can be affected by things like yeast esters, but a juicy IPA is all about the juicy hops!

How do you make a juicy New England style IPA?

ProcessAdjust brewing water with calcium chloride and gypsum as needed.Single infusion rest at 155F for 60 minutes. Sparge full volume into the kettle.Bring wort to boil.Add boil hops.Boil for 60 minutes.Chill to 170F. Turn off the chiller.Add whirlpool hop additions. ... Chill to yeast pitching temperature, 68F.More items...•

What hops are best for IPA?

The Hops. Hops that are assertive in both flavor and bitterness are the ingredient of choice for the American IPA. Go with Cascade, Simcoe, Amarillo, Columbus or other American hops for that classic IPA citrus character. Pine flavors can be achieved by using Chinook or Northern Brewer hops later in the boil.

What makes a New England IPA hazy?

Filtration (or Lack Thereof) The primary reason that hazy IPAs are cloudy has to do with filtration. Hazy IPAs are unfiltered, so lots of particulate matter remains, creating the cloudy effect. (Not filtering the beer also helps the delicate aromas and flavors stay behind.)

What does flaked oats do to beer?

Flaked Oats contain high levels of lipids, beta glucans and gums, which impart a silky mouthfeel and creaminess to beer.

What pH should water be for brewing beer?

5.2–5.6Ideally, you want a mash pH of 5.2–5.6 when you mix the water and grains.

Other Half – All Together IPA

In 2020, Other Half put out this recipe as a collaboration between them, Stout Collective and Craftpeak to support the enormous amount of hospitality workers laid off during the COVID pandemic. They provide both a West Coast and a Hazy version of the recipe, and it was intentionally kept simple so that every brewer could do it.

Treehouse Brewing – Julius

Location: Charlton, MA More Information: Uptappd Review • Official Page ABV: 6.8% Hops: Warrior, Apollo, Citra Yeast: Fermentis SafAle S-04

Hill Farmstead – Edward Pale Ale

Shaun Hill created this American Pale Ale and named it after his grandfather. It is crafted from American malted barley, a plethora of American hops, their house ale yeast and water from their family farm’s well. It is unfiltered and moderately dry hopped. Edward is an aromatic and flowery Pale Ale, with hints of citrus and pine.

Tired Hands – Alien Church

Alien Church is Tired Hand’s most famous IPA. In collaboration with Anchorage Brewing, Brewed this pillowy Oat IPA is intensely hopped and dry hopped with the juiciest American hop varietals.

Trillium – Congress Street

Location: Boston, MA More Information: Uptappd Review • Official Page ABV: 7.2% Hops: Galaxy, Columbus Yeast: Wyeast – British Ale 1098

Toppling Goliath – Psuedo Sue Pale Ale

This single-hop pale ale showcases the Citra hop for a well-balanced beer that is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. She roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen. Pseudo Sue’s unique taste is clean and bright with just enough bite!

Weldworks Brewing – Juicy Bits

Weldwerks Brewing is located outside of Fort Collins in Greeley, Colorado, and over the last few years have really made a name for themselves. I first tried this beer through a Tavour delivery, and I was instantly hooked. It has a softer, creamier mouthfeel thanks to the adjusted water chemistry, higher protein malts, and lower attenuation.

Juicy NEIPA Homebrew Recipe Video

Here’s how we made the Juicy NEIPA, read below for full recipe details.


The beginning water volume was 7.70 gallons (29.1 liters) and our chemistry was adjusted to have high chloride levels to give us a hazy NEIPA look. Below is our water profile after adjustment. You'll need to add different amounts of minerals to achieve this profile depending on your location, as water chemistry differs from tap to tap.


We boiled for 75 minutes. At the 60 minute mark, we added in .5 lb (226.8g) of sugar.


The most important part to brewing a good NEIPA is the hops. We added all of our hops after the boil. Our first addition happened once we cooled the wort down to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82.2C).


We used the Imperial Yeast Ale Juice A38 to ferment this beer. This yeast is perfect for IPAs and compliments the juicy and fruity flavor of our beer.

Dry Hops

We waited four days until we added our first dry hop addition, ideally you want to wait three days. Fermentation was still active when we did our first addition, that’s a key part to dry hopping a NEIPA. You want to add your first round of dry hops while fermentation is still active.

Tasting Notes

This one definitely met our expectations, at least at first. After it was kegged and carbed up the Juicy NEIPA had a hazy, golden look to it with a really pleasant and fruity aroma. With an ABV of 6%, you couldn’t taste any of the alcohol. The beer had a nice body with a well balanced, smooth, and fruit juicy flavor.

Hops Selection

Clearly, hops selection is a major building block here. It’s not the only building block, as we’ll discuss, but it’s a logical place to start. We have two basic questions to answer.

Do Your Part: Recipe Considerations

Don’t let your hops do all the hard work here. You can (and should) build the rest of your recipe to help them out.

Prove It

Haze isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for craft-beer drinkers, obviously, and never has been. We gladly accept it in a variety of styles. No one complains about the cloudiness in German hefeweizen because to get that specific flavor and mouthfeel, one needs to use high-protein grains and leave yeast in suspension.

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