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How to make homemade snap pea chips {easy recipe}?

Oven Dried Instructions

  • place seasoned snap peas on baking sheet. Set your temp at 170F and Place tray of snap peas in center rack. ...
  • Season more once dried if desired. The oven dried chips will be crispy for a day but then lose crispiness after a few days if not dried long enough to ...
  • NOTES For baked version, just bake 350 F 15-20 minutes. ...

How to make canned peas taste good?


  • Drain the water from the canned peas. ...
  • Some people will tell you that there is flavor in the water inside the can, but that probably isn’t a flavor you actually want.
  • Remember for this recipe and most all recipes, you will want salt, pepper, sweet, a fat and a tiny bit of spice (some recipes you also want some acid). ...

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How to grow pea microgreens fast and easy?

The Process

  1. Begin by soaking seeds using shallow dishes. Use small bowls or the tops of jars in your kitchen. ...
  2. Using seed-starting trays, moisten the soil. Place the soaked seeds on top and sprinkle additional soil on top.
  3. When sprouting starts, remove the cover to the seed-starting tray. ...

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What to make with peas?

The partnership was sealed with the launching of a joint strategy titled: ;PEAS Uganda/Ministry of Education and Sports Systems Strengthening Strategy. ; The strategy was launched by the Director of Education Standards at the Ministry of Education and Sports, Dr. Kedrace Turyagyenda.


What to add to peas for flavor?

Add sweeter herbs like mint to bring out the natural sweetness of the peas. For a more savory flavor, try parsley, basil, sage, or rosemary.

How do you make perfect peas?

InstructionsCombine peas, butter, sugar, and garlic in a medium-sized skillet.Cook at medium heat until butter is melted and peas are heated through, about 5-7 minutes. Stir occasionally.Remove from heat, drain off any liquid, add salt and pepper. Serve.

What is a good spice to add to peas?

Mint is the quintessential herb for peas. Try it in both a mushy peas dish as well as a recipe of sautéed peas in butter. MInt is best used when chopped and tossed into pea dishes after they have cooked. Many recipes call for adding a bit of garlic along with the mint.

How do you make peas out of a can taste good?

InstructionsOpen the can of peas and drain off the liquid.Put the peas in a microwave safe bowl.Add the butter and microwave for about 1 minute or until they are hot.Stir and season with salt and pepper and serve.

What to eat peas with?

10 Things to Do with Frozen PeasPeas and Mint Pesto. ... Mutter Paneer (Indian-Style Peas and Cheese) ... Buttered Peas and Lettuce. ... Orecchiette with Bacon, Peas and Herbs. ... Peas and Parsley Salad. ... Couscous with Peas, Lemon, and Tarragon. ... Mashed Potatoes and Peas. ... Herbed Pea Soup.More items...•

How long do you cook peas for?

How to cook peas. Boil (2-3 mins – use the minimum amount of water needed, and don't add salt, as they'll toughen up. A pinch of sugar will bring out their sweetness). Steam (1-2 mins).

Are peas good for you?

Nutrition. Peas are a good source of vitamins C and E, zinc, and other antioxidants that strengthen your immune system. Other nutrients, such as vitamins A and B and coumestrol, help reduce inflammation and lower your risk of chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

How do you use frozen peas?

Steaming Frozen PeasAdd 5-8cm of water to the water of your pan and boil the water.Once the water has come to the boil, place a steaming basket over the water. ... Once the basket is secure, add the frozen vegetables and cover the pan with a lid.After 2-3 minutes your peas will be cooked and ready to serve.

How do you make spicy peas?

InstructionsThaw the peas and pat dry.Heat the oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Test the heat by adding one cumin seed to the oil. ... Cook for about 4-5 minutes string occasionally, till peas are tender. Add black pepper and cilantro mix it well.Turn off the heat and squeeze the lemon juice over and stir.

Do you need to cook peas from a can?

Canned peas are already cooked, so they just need to be reheated. How warm you want them to be is entirely up to you—just be careful not to overheat them! They should be ready in just 1 or 2 minutes, however. Serve the peas or use them in your recipe.

Can dogs eat peas?

Yes, dogs can eat peas. Green peas, snow peas, sugar snap peas, and garden or English peas are all OK for dogs to find in their bowl on occasion. Peas have several vitamins, minerals, and are rich in protein and high in fiber. You can feed your dog fresh or frozen peas, but avoid canned peas with added sodium.

How do you eat peas?

1:192:16Proper Way to Eat Peas - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIt you can't you can't get them see some will fall off and you try to pick them up they just keepMoreIt you can't you can't get them see some will fall off and you try to pick them up they just keep rolling on you here's what you need to do mash them down flatten them out. And then you scoop them up.

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