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Cooking Under Pressure

Written by Lorna Sass, Cooking Under Pressure is a very well-known recipe book for pressure cookers and this is a revised edition of this book, which takes into account the features and functions of modern pressure cookers.

The Everything Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Even though the title is a bit of a mouthful, this cookbook is another popular one and features recipes that are very easy to follow. With this book, the focus is on healthy meals and many of the recipes are a little specialized. Because of this, the book isn’t a good choice if you are looking for healthy versions of traditional meals.

The New Fast Food

Even though this pressure cookbook is specifically designed for vegans, it would also work well for anyone who likes healthy meals or wants to get more vegetables in their diet.

Pressure Cooker Perfection

This cookbook comes from America’s Test Kitchen, which makes it a little bit different than the other books on this list. The recipe book also has a strong focus on traditional recipes, especially those that are heavily focused on meat and potatoes.

Miss Vickie's Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Unlike some other books, this recipe book is designed to cater for both electric and stovetop pressure cookers.

Pressure Perfect

We mentioned a book by Lorna Sass earlier in this list as well but Pressure Perfect also remains a popular choice for pressure cookers. This cookbook is good value for money, with more than 200 recipes, along with information about buying and using a pressure cooker.

Comfortable Under Pressure

One appealing thing about this cookbook is that it focuses on all aspects of using a pressure cooker, rather than just the recipes themselves. It is worth noting that many of the recipes in the book are not simple and require multiple steps. So, the recipes aren’t really a good choice if you want ones that you can simply ‘set and forget’.

Enjoy this appliance to the fullest with these top recipe collections

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Best Overall: The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

This comprehensive cookbook by Laurel Randolph gives you all the knowledge you need to start using your Instant Pot right out of the box. The book's intro takes you through each Instant Pot cooking function so you know how and when to use it.

Best for Dinner Parties: Dinner In An Instant

Melissa Clark, the well-known New York Times food writer, initially bought herself an Instant Pot because she wanted to know what all the fuss was about. She soon found out that this small gadget could revolutionize her dinner repertoire. So, she wrote a cookbook—completely devoted to the Instant Pot.

Best Keto: The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

Sticking to a keto diet already takes a lot of planning, so you shouldn’t have to spend more time cooking elaborate meals at night. This Instant Pot-focused cookbook aims to save you time without compromising the way you want to eat.

What to Look for in an Instant Pot Cookbook

You can cook almost anything in an Instant Pot, and there are cookbooks to help show you how. Some are general and cover a little bit of everything, while others cater to specific types of foods or diets. Your taste and dietary needs will help you choose the right one for you.


An Instant Pot is an all-in-one cooking appliance that features functions that allow you to sauté, pressure cook, slow cook, make yogurt, and cook sous vide. The Instant Pot is a brand of electric pressure cooker that, well, cooks food under pressure, which allows for a much faster cooking time than traditional stovetop or oven cooking.

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These pressure cooker recipes are perfect for those nights when you're just running out of steam. Fill, lock and go!

These pressure cooker recipes are perfect for those nights when you're just running out of steam. Fill, lock and go!

Pressure-Cooker Sauerbraten

One of my all-time favorite German dishes is sauerbraten, but I don't love that it normally takes five to 10 days to make. Using an electric pressure cooker, I think I've captured that same distinctive flavor in less than two hours. —James Schend, Deputy Editor, Taste of Home

Pressure-Cooker Chicken with Olives & Artichokes

My grandmother came from the region around Seville, Spain, where olives are produced. They get a starring role in her scrumptious chicken. —Suzette Zara, Scottsdale, Arizona

Pressure Cooker Carolina Shrimp & Cheddar Grits

Instant pot shrimp and grits are a house favorite—if only we could agree on a recipe. I stirred things up with cheddar and Cajun seasoning to find a winner. —Charlotte Price, Raleigh, North Carolina

Maple French Toast Bake

This yummy French toast casserole is a breeze to whip up the night before a busy morning. My family loves the richness it gets from cream cheese and maple syrup. —Cindy Steffen, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Pressure Cooker Boeuf Bourguignon

I've wanted to make beef Burgundy ever since I got one of Julia Child's cookbooks, but I wanted to find a way to fix it in a pressure cooker. My version of the popular beef stew is still rich, hearty and delicious, but without the need to watch on the stovetop or in the oven.—Crystal Jo Bruns, Iliff, Colorado

Pressure-Cooker Sausage & Waffle Bake

Here's an easy dish guaranteed to create excitement at the breakfast table! Nothing is missing from this sweet and savory combination. It's so wrong, it's right! —Courtney Lentz, Boston, Massachusetts

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