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How do you make the perfect Rice Krispies Treats?

How to Make Rice Krispie Treats: Keys to Success

  • Use Low Heat. Have you ever eaten a rice krispie treat that was hard and crunchy? Yeah. Me too. ...
  • Press Gently. When pressing the mixture into the pan, don’t press too hard. This compacts the treats and makes them hard.
  • Bonus Step. Use Parchment Paper. This step isn’t required. A well-buttered pan works just fine. ...

How to make the perfect Rice Krispie treats?


  • Line a baking sheet with parchment and set aside. (Feel free to use foil, if you'd prefer. ...
  • Melt the butter in a large pot, over medium heat. Add the marshmallows and stir until they melt. ...
  • Scoop the sticky cereal mixture onto the prepared pan. ...

How to make rice crispy treats even better?

  • The cereal: The rice crisp cereal is toasted to coax out a nutty flavor and aroma. ...
  • The butter: Buy the best butter you’re willing to use. ...
  • The marshmallows: Use mini marshmallows. ...
  • The salt and vanilla: Salt make a huge difference in this recipe — making each ingredient taste more like itself. ...

How do you make rice crispy treats?


  • On low heat melt together butter and all but 1 cup of mini marshmallows.
  • Once marshmallows are melted stir in remaining 1 cup of marshmallows. Stir for a few seconds and remove from heat.
  • Stir in vanilla.
  • Add cereal and mixed until fully combined.
  • Place in a greased 9 x 13 inch pan. Allow to Cool. Cut into squares and serve.


What is the basic Rice Krispie Treat Recipe?

The basic recipe calls for melting butter and marshmallows together then stirring in Rice Krispies Cereal, then pressing it into a pan before cutting it into squares or rectangles but the trick is to get the perfect balance of those ingredients.

We found just the right amount of ingredients to use

We started our search for the best rice crispy treat by trying 6 different versions of the recipe, each with varying amounts of butter and marshmallows and cereal.

BEST Rice Krispie Treat Recipe (ratio and pan size)

6 tablespoons butter, 16 ounces marshmallows, 7 cups Rice Krispies Cereal in 9″X13″ pan

Can I make a smaller batch?

If you want to make a smaller batch in an 8-inch or 9-inch pan, use 4 tablespoons butter, 10.56 ounces marshmallows, and 4 2/3 cup rice crispy cereal.

What taste testers did or did not like about the recipes

There was not a single treat that the 20 taste testers found to be truly bad, but everyone had an opinion about which treats tasted the best.

What else did we test?

Once we established the perfect ratio of ingredients we wanted to determine which brands of products made the most flavorful Rice Krispie Treats so we cut the recipe in thirds and made small batches using the quantities below:

Which butter makes the best Rice Krispie Treats?

We started by testing five different brands of butter, both salted and unsalted. We even made a batch using vegan butter and one using virgin coconut oil.

Rice Crispy Treats

This is the classic rice crispy treats recipe that kids of all ages adore. This no-bake recipe is easy to make with the kids, but be careful with the melted marshmallow mixture. It can be quite hot and sticky for little cooks to handle.

Funfetti Rice Krispie Treats

These Funfetti Rice Krispie treats look just like Funfetti cake! Simply add a 1/4 cup of Rainbow Sprinkles to the Rice Krispies before adding the marshmallow mixture.

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats

Instead of using Rice Krispies, just substitute Lucky Charms for a fun spin on the classic treat. The extra marshmallows add a burst of sweetness and a little crunch in every bite of these yummy Lucky Charms marshmallow treats .

S'more Rice Krispie Treats

You're going to want s'more of these! Filled with graham crackers and decadent chocolate chunks, this s'more Rice Krispie treats recipe will be your favorite summertime treat without the campfire.

Rice Krispie Treat Doughnuts

These cute little Rice Krispie treat doughnuts are so fun. Use a doughnut cutter or two different sized round cookie cutters to cut the cute doughnut shapes out of a sheet of Rice Krispie treats. Then top them with a frosting of your choice and sprinkles.

Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

The sophisticated flavor of brown butter gives these brown butter Rice Krispie treats a taste that's not just for kids. By using flavored marshmallows and different toasted breakfast cereals, the variations are endless.

Rice Krispie Sprinkle Bites

Instead of spreading the Rice Krispies into a pan, create these festive Rice Krispie sprinkle bites —the perfect treat for lunch boxes. They're also festive enough for a birthday party.

How to Make the Marshmallow Mixture

Step 1: Melt 8 tablespoons of butter in a large saucepan on medium-low heat. We like soft and buttery Treats so we use more butter in our recipe than most other recipes out there. Trust us, it makes a difference in the taste. Step 2: Don’t melt the butter too fast or on too high a heat.

Adding the Rice Krispie Cereal

Step 7: Add 8 cups of Rice Krispie Cereal to the marshmallow mixture. Step 8: Gently fold the Rice Krispie Cereal into the marshmallow mixture. Step 9: Working quickly, keep folding the mixture until every piece of cereal is covered in the marshmallow mixture.

Pouring the Mixture into the Pan

Step 10: Spoon the mixture into a 9×13″ pan. You don’t need to grease the pan, the butter in the Rice Krispie Treats will allow the squares to easily release from the pan. Step 11: Lightly press the mixture into the pan.

The Secret to Amazing Rice Krispie Treats

We have found that the secret to soft and amazing Rice Krispie Treats is Fresh Marshmallows. Fresh Marshmallows do not stick together. They do not stick together when you take them out of the bag. They pour easily into the measuring cup.

Marshmallow Conversion Chart

We recommend using Mini Marshmallows for this recipe but if you only have regular sized Marshmallows or Jumbo sized Marshmallows on hand the marshmallow conversions are as follows:

How to Color Rice Krispie Treats

One of the many great things about this class dessert is that they don’t have to be beige! You can use this recipe as the base for many fun and creative and colorful Rice Krispie Treat desserts.

Other Marshmallow Recipes You Will Love

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Secret To Making The Best Rice Krispie Treats

My secret is adding milk. It makes the melted marshmallows creamier and easier to coat the cereal.

How To Make Rice Krispie Treats Gooey

Take the marshmallows and split them into the 2 batches, indicted in the recipe card below.

Use Salted Butter or Unsalted Butter?

This has become a debate in the comments so I thought I would address it here.

How to Keep Rice Crispy Treats from Sticking to dishes

Spray your pan with non-stick cooking spray to keep the rice crispy treats from sticking to pan.

How long does it take Rice Krispie Treats to Cool

Rice krispie treats only need about 10 to 15 minutes to cool down. Once they are fully cooled, it is time to cut and devour the treats.

How Long Does Homemade Rice Krispie Treats Stay Fresh

It is best to eat rice krispie treats the same day they are made. However, they do stay fresh for up to 3 days, if these crispy treats survive a day. In our house, they are eaten quickly and they are always gone in a day or two.

Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats?

If you find that you have more rice crispy treats than you can eat, you can freeze your treats.

Bake Sale Marshmallow Treats

I use the basic marshmallow treat recipe with a twist. They are very pretty and so tasty; they are always the first to go at our school bake sale!

Coconut and Chocolate Rice Crispies

I changed up the normal every day Rice Crispie treat recipe a little bit one day when my 6 year old son and I were looking through the kitchen to see what we could add.

Chocolate Chip Crispies

Like the crispy rice treats, but with chocolate chips and peanut butter.

Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars

Bar cookie with a thin cookie base, and a top layer made up of crisp rice cereal, peanut butter, and marshmallows.

Marshmallow Crispie Bars

Easy, easy, easy. As a variation, you can add candy coated chocolates, chocolate chips, or nuts.

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