best turkey brining recipes

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How long should you brine turkey?

Pop the turkey into the fridge and let it brine for at least 8 hours (and up to 18 hours). Just don't leave the turkey in the brine for longer than recommended—over-brining can render the bird too salty and turn the texture spongy.

How do you make a good turkey brine?

DirectionsCombine 2 gallons cold water with the apple cider, brown sugar, salt, peppercorns, bay leaves, garlic, rosemary and orange peels in a large pot. ... Allow to cool completely, then place into the fridge to chill. ... When ready to roast the turkey, remove from the brine. ... Discard the brine.

What should I brine my turkey in?

Best Turkey Brine Recipe What is this? The general rule is 1 cup of salt for every gallon of water. Yes, the type of salt does matter- use a large, coarse grain salt, either Kosher or sea salt. If you are using a small grain salt, cut the amount in half, here there such a thing as too much salt.

What seasoning do you use to brine a turkey?

Poultry Brine Combined with vinegar, brown sugar, and some great seasonings such as tarragon, allspice, and garlic powder, this brine brings a lot of flavor to your turkey. Use it in chicken or turkey, and always wash the brine off and pat the bird dry before cooking.

What is the formula for brine?

Brine | ClH2NaO - PubChem.

Do you rinse brine off turkey before cooking?

Leaving the turkey uncovered for the last 4 to 6 hours will help dry—and thus crisp up—the skin. Resist any temptation to rinse the turkey after brining. There will be no trace of salt on the surface and rinsing would only make the skin less prone to browning.

Why you shouldn't brine your turkey?

Brining, he contended, gives poultry the texture of luncheon meat. In addition, the molecules in cider, herbs and other flavorings are too large to penetrate the membrane surrounding the meat before the salt molecules do, and so they fail to carry much flavor into the turkey.

Do I Rinse turkey after brining?

After brining, rinse the turkey thoroughly under cold water for a few minutes. Take the brined turkey out of the brining bag or pot (or whatever vessel you set it in for brining), then discard the brine and set the turkey in a clean sink.

How much brine do I need for a 12 pound turkey?

Our general turkey-brining rule of thumb for how much brine for a 12-pound turkey (adjust up or down based on the size of your bird) is 5 quarts hot water + 1½ cups kosher salt or ¾ cup table salt. Mix to combine and add this to the pot or bag.

How much liquid do you need to brine a turkey?

How to Wet-Brine a Turkey2 gallons water.2 cups kosher salt or coarse sea salt.A 5-gallon brining container (a large stock pot, bucket, or brining bag)1 whole turkey, thawed.Optional: Large brining or oven-roasting bag to the line container.More items...•

What can I add to my brine?

Adding fresh herbs or citrus peels (or zest) is a fantastic way to amp up the flavor of your brine. We especially like adding herbs to poultry brines, like herb-brined cornish game hens. You can also use other flavorful ingredients, like soy sauce, Worcestershire, garlic and onions.

Is brining a turkey worth it?

Brining a turkey is totally optional. If you're short on time or just want the most straight-forward method to roast a turkey, skip the brining step and just use the Simple Roasted Turkey method. Some people swear that brining yields the most tender, juicy meat, but it takes planning ahead.

Basic Turkey Brine

This is a good recipe if this is your first time using a brine and you want to start simple. Dissolve kosher salt, garlic, herbs, and allspice berries in water. Submerge your turkey for up to 24 hours in the brine (keep it down by adding canned beans or some sort of weight on top).

Savory Turkey Brine

This turkey brine combines vegetable stock with kosher salt, sugar, and herbs to create a rich flavor. The mixture is simmered on the stove until the salt is dissolved and then plenty of cold water is added.​

Apple Spice Brine

Since a brine is typically water and salt with a little sweetness to give it flavor, using fruit juices, like orange and apple, in place of the water is a great idea. Plus, the acidity in the juices helps to tenderize the meat.

Smoked Turkey Brine

This simple brine adds a nice herb flavor to the bird because it includes fresh tarragon and whole bay leaves. The mixture is best for turkeys that are going to be cooked in the smoker.

Cranberry Turkey Brine

It only seems right to brine a turkey with seasonal cranberry. The combination of cranberry, apple, and orange juices, salt, garlic, and fresh herbs makes this brine a great option for a Thanksgiving bird.

Holiday Poultry Brine

The candied ginger and allspice give this brine a unique flavor that is perfect for your holiday turkey. By cooking the salt, sugar, and spices in vegetable stock, you get extra flavor with a mild saltiness that makes for a perfect brine.

Poultry Brine

This brine works with the added power of pickling spices, which increase the moisture in poultry. Combined with vinegar, brown sugar, and some great seasonings such as tarragon, allspice, and garlic powder, this brine brings a lot of flavor to your turkey.

Turkey Brine

This is a tasty brine for any poultry. It will make your bird very juicy, and gravy to die for!! This is enough brine for a 10 to 18 pound turkey.

Out of this World Turkey Brine

Best brine for smoked turkey around. This recipe was given to me by my uncle. He is always smoking meat. EDITOR'S NOTE: This recipe uses canning or kosher salt, not table salt. Using table salt in this amount will make the brine too salty.

Ultimate Turkey Brine

Simple overnight brine that will make any turkey moist and tasty. You can use this recipe for turkeys in the 15 to 20-pound range. Brining works best for fresh turkeys; you should definitely not brine any turkey that is already injected with a 'solution.'

Matt's Fried Turkey Brine

This recipe comes from a dear friend of mine who's made his living as a sous chef on a luxury cruise line. When I asked him for a recipe for deep fried turkey, this is what he produced. Please remember to PAT THE TURKEY DRY before placing into hot oil. We don't want any injuries....just full tummies! Recipe is for brine for a 16-pound turkey.

Citrus Turkey Brine

A great citrus brine recipe. This will leave your Turkey very moist. You could also use it on other poultry in smaller amounts.

Apple Cider Turkey Brine

Delicious apple cider brining liquid for turkey. Brined turkeys tend to shorten your roasting time by about half an hour. But be sure your bird cooks to an internal temperature of 180 degrees when tested through the thigh. Season and roast according to any of your favorite recipes.

Dry Brine Turkey

Dry brining is the easiest way to get a moist and flavorful turkey on the table for your Thanksgiving dinner. Plan ahead, you'll need a few days to get the most flavor. I found that salt and pepper was enough for me, but feel free to season with other aromatics before roasting.

Grilled Apple-Brined Turkey

Producing a juicy, amber-colored turkey infused with flavor is possible with this apple juice turkey brine. You won't regret planning for the long marinating time. This tasty turkey is worth every minute. —Trudy Williams, Shannonville, Ontario

Citrus & Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

This recipe will make you love turkey again. Brining with lemon, rosemary and orange juice makes it so moist and flavorful. It's the star attraction at our table. —Fay Moreland, Wichita Falls, Texas

Maple-Sage Brined Turkey

When the leaves start turning, it’s turkey time at our house. We use maple-sage brine to help brown the bird and make the meat incredibly juicy. —Kim Forni, Laconia, New Hampshire

Spiced & Grilled Turkey

My fiance loves to grill, so for the holidays we decided to grill our turkey instead of deep frying it. It was the best we'd ever tasted! Having the brine in the pan under the turkey catches the drippings, but also keeps everything nice and moist. Start with the breast down, then flip to the other side. —Sydney Botelho, Columbia, South Carolina

Brined Grilled Turkey Breast

You'll want to give thanks for this mouthwatering, slightly sweet turkey! A hint of spice makes this one of our best turkey recipes ever. —Tina Mirilovich, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Herb-Brined Turkey

For an impressive main course, look here. The moist, flavorful bird will have guests counting the minutes until carving time. — Scott Rugh, Portland, Oregon

Cider-Brined Turkey

My family had been going through some rough times, and when we were finally able to get together for Thanksgiving one year, I made this turkey. It brings back such good memories of joyful family gatherings. —Nicole Keller, Waterford, Pennsylvania

What is Brining?

It’s the process of bathing meat in a salt and water solution through osmosis.

Tips for Brining a Turkey

Now, here are some helpful tips to get you one step closer to brining success.

1. Easy Turkey Brine

Let’s start you off with the simplest, easiest turkey brine recipe that delivers impressive results.

2. Smoked Turkey Brine

If you love the combination of savory turkey and sweet apples, I highly recommend this recipe.

3. Cranberry Citrus Brine

If you’re not afraid of adding a fruity flavor to turkey, this recipe’s for you.

6. Herb Brined Turkey

Nothing flavors a bird better than herbs and butter do. Case in point: this herb-brined turkey.

7. White Wine Citrus Brine

Want to impress your guests with fancy turkey? This white wine citrus brine will do the trick.

To Brine or Not to Brine

There are several reasons why you should brine your turkey and only one reason not to. Should I give you the bad news first?

Salt Matters

Thankfully there are several ways to ensure you do not over-salt your dinner guests…umm your turkey.

Helpful Turkey Brine Recipe Hints

As previously mentioned, my first attempt at brining a turkey was less than satisfactory.

What Do You Brine a Turkey In?

For brining, not just any old bag will do. It must be strong and large enough to contain the turkey and all that brine.

Passing the Turkey Brine Recipe On

Sadly, this is the year I don’t get to brine a turkey for Thanksgiving. Our son and daughter-in-law are hosting this year so my job is to bring a dessert and a side dish.

Best Ever Turkey Brine Recipe

The Best Ever Turkey Brine Recipe. Have you been waffling upon the age old turkey question…to brine or not to brine? Let me tell you, once you start brining your holiday turkeys, you’ll never have a dry-ass turkey again! *Allow 12-24 hours for brining.

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