best velveeta cheese dip recipe

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Is Velveeta really even cheese?

Velveeta is not really cheese. Velveeta is made from cheese, but it has a lot of other ingredients. Not all of these ingredients are all that easy to come by and to put everything together does get costly. By the time the manufacturers combine everything that goes into Velveeta, they will have handled about ten ingredients or more.

What are the main ingredients in Velveeta Cheese?

  • 242 milligrams of phosphorus
  • 130 milligrams of calcium
  • 94 milligrams of potassium

How to make Velveeta Cheese dip in crock pot?

  • Add cubed cheese and tomatoes to a 4 to 5 quart slow cooker.
  • Cover and cook on LOW for 2 hours, or until all the cheese has melted.
  • Turn slow cooker to the WARM setting to keep queso hot for serving for up to 4 hours.

Why is Velveeta Cheese so expensive?

  • Kite Hill Ricotta. If you're vegan or lactose intolerant but love the taste and texture of cheese, Kite Hill is for you.
  • Sweet Potato Sauce. You can turn a sweet potato into a creamy cheese sauce that makes a great substitute for mac and cheese, nachos, or a gratin.
  • Cashew Cheese.
  • Pesto.
  • Zucchini Cheese.
  • Daiya.
  • Tahini Spread.

Can you use Velveeta for dip?

To make in microwave, combine undrained tomatoes and Velveeta in 1-1/2-quart microwave-safe dish; cover. Microwave on HIGH 5 minutes or just until Velveeta melts, stirring after 3 minutes. Remove from microwave; stir until mixture is blended. CAUTION: Dish will be hot; use hot pads.

How do you keep Velveeta cheese creamy?

Velveeta quickly solidifies as it cools down after heating. You can slow this process two ways. Incorporate about 1/4 cup milk or a can of Rotel dip into the melting cheese. This will change the consistency, but it will remain liquid longer.

What do you need to make cheese dip with Velveeta?

Two ingredients – Velveeta and a can of Rotel are all you need. Perfect game day food – Serve with tortilla chips or veggies for dipping and everyone is happy. Inexpensive and delicious – You can feed a crowd without breaking the bank when you serve this Rotel Dip!

What is the best way to melt Velveeta cheese?

InstructionsShred the cheese or cut it into ½ inch cubes.Melt some butter in a saucepan over medium/low heat. ... Add Velveeta cheese.Stir constantly until it's at about the halfway point of melting. ... When the cheese has melted, add 7 tablespoons of milk and continue to stir until it has a smooth consistency.More items...•

How do you keep Velveeta Cheese dip from getting hard?

HOW TO KEEP YOUR DIP FROM GETTING HARD. As mentioned earlier, evaporated milk will help slow down the pace at which your Velveeta Cheese Dip hardens. However, if you want to keep it from hardening altogether is to serve it out of a crockpot.

Do you add milk or water to Velveeta cheese dip?

Add milk, if desired. You may not need to add the milk; Velveeta can melt on the stove without it. The addition of milk is strongly recommended because it makes it much easier to melt the cheese product evenly and thoroughly without trouble.

Is Velveeta real cheese?

According to the FDA, Velveeta is technically not real cheese, but rather, a "processed cheese product," although the regulations state that it must contain at least 51 percent cheese, as well as prescribing the minimum moisture content, fat content and the temperature (at least 70 F) at which is must be spreadable.

How long is Velveeta cheese dip good for?

If you just add Rotel or a similar product to your Velveeta cheese dip, you should be able to store it in the fridge for about 5-7 days. Just be sure to store it using an airtight method. If you added meat or other quickly expiring foods to your Velveeta cheese dip, it may only be good for about 3-4 days in the fridge.

How do you make cheese dip on the stove?

InstructionsCut Velveeta into chunks and place in a skillet with RoTel, undrained.Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until melted and smooth.

How do you melt Velveeta for nachos?

How to Melt Velveeta Cheese?Option 1: Microwave It. The first method that we would recommend is to microwave the cheese. ... Option 2: Use a Slow Cooker. Your next option is to use a slow cooker. ... Option 3: Uses a Saucepan. Alternatively, you might choose to melt your Velveeta cheese in a saucepan. ... Option 4: Double Boil It.

How do you melt Velveeta for Rotel?

InstructionsChop the Velveeta into one inch cubes and put them into the slow cooker.Add the rotel.Cover and cook in the crockpot on high for 1 to 2 hours, stirring occasionally.When all of the cheese is melted, turn the slow cooker down to the warm setting.Serve with tortilla chips.

How do you melt queso?

Scoop one cup of queso into a microwaveable safe bowl and place in the microwave for one minute. ... As an alternative to microwave heating, heat queso on the stove. ... Once the queso is thoroughly hot, pour it into a dish and serve alongside tortilla chips.

How do you make Velveeta queso not thick?

So, how to make cheese dip thinner? . Dairy products such as milk and melted butter can be a great option. You can also use mascarpone, cream cheese sauce, whipped cream, or half and half instead.

How do you keep cheese dip creamy?

For dips, you'll want to use a tablespoon of cornstarch per pound of cheese, then add at least five ounces of evaporated milk. After that, you can use more evaporated milk to thin out your dip as much as you need.

How do you keep queso from getting thick?

Add milk to the queso while it is still in the saucepan. Stir in small amounts of milk over medium-to-low heat until desired consistency is achieved.Substitute cheddar cheese soup for blocks of cheese. ... Add beer to the queso.

How long is Velveeta good for after cooked?

Once you open the package, Velveeta cheese retains quality for about 8 weeks....How Long Does Velveeta Cheese Last.PantryFridgeVelveeta cheese (unopened)Use-by + 2 – 3 weeksVelveeta cheese (opened)8 weeksJun 14, 2021


Pico adds a great deal of flavor and freshness to homemade queso. You can use a storebought or homemade pico de gallo. If your grocery store carries fresh pico de gallo, it will likely be in the produce section of the store. If you’d rather go the old-fashioned route, feel free to use two strained cans of Rotel in place of the pico.


Once upon a time (in the 1980s), Velveeta was made with real cheese — Colby, Swiss and Cheddar, to be more specific. However, these days, Velveeta identifies more with the flavor of American cheese than any other. Although, the product cannot actually be called cheese. And, here’s why…


Be sure to have the tortilla chips handy when serving up any form of queso. You could also serve this dip with Fritos as well.

Salsa Fresca

And, you’ll absolutely swoon for our Chili Cheese Queso Dip! Bookmark the recipe for next time!


You can make Velveeta Cheese Dip quickly in the microwave or low and slow in the crockpot. Below, you will find instructions for both.


As mentioned earlier, evaporated milk will help slow down the pace at which your Velveeta Cheese Dip hardens. However, if you want to keep it from hardening altogether is to serve it out of a crockpot. However, make sure you have it on the warm setting so that the sides and bottom of the pot do not burn your cheese dip.


Cheese dip will stay good refrigerated in an airtight container for 3-4 days.

Rotel Dip, The BEST Velveeta Cheese Dip

Rotel tomatoes are a time-honored way to add some nice acidic tomatoes with a touch of spiciness to any dish. With the simple addition of some meat and some really melty cheese, you can create an incredible dip that is perfect for a movie night or a party.

How to Make Rotel Dip Without A Can of Rotel

This recipe is so delicious that you’ll likely want to make it even if you can’t get a hold of any Rotel tomatoes.

What to Do If You Hate Velveeta

One of the biggest problems a lot of people might have with this recipe is that it uses Velveeta cheese and lots of it. The vaguely strange looking Velveeta cheese puts off a lot of people that aren't used to it, but the thing is… it's really good.


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Rotel Dip

This classic Rotel dip is only three ingredients and takes mere minutes to make! It's a family favorite appetizer for a reason!

What is Velveeta Cheese?

Velveeta Cheese is a brand name for a processed cheese product that tastes like an American cheese. It has a softer and smoother texture than cheese and as a result, when melted, it keeps a fully integrated and evenly clump-free liquid texture. Using Velveeta Cheese when preparing Mexican Queso gives it the smooth consistency you’re looking for.

The History of Velveeta Cheese

Velveeta Cheese was invented in 1918 by Emil Frey of the Monroe Cheese Company in New York. The product was created in an attempt to salvage its Swiss cheese wheels that were either broken or misshapen.

Using Velveeta Cheese in the Kitchen

The marketing masters at Kraft Foods have created hundreds of recipes for Velveeta Cheese.

When To Serve Velveeta Cheese Dip

I could honestly eat Velveeta Queso Dip every day for lunch. It’s that addictive.

Velveeta Cheese Dip Equipment

Before making Velveeta Cheese Dip you’ll need to ensure you have the correct equipment and supplies in your kitchen. We’ve linked the ingredients and supplies below on Amazon to make your online shopping experience easy.

Velveeta Cheese Dip Video

Queso served out of a massive casserole dish with a soup ladle? Yes please! Cottage country snack mood on repeat.

Velveeta Cheese Dip

Velveeta Cheese Dip is an easy gluten-free snack to prepare when hosting a big party. Check out our four favourite Mexican Queso recipes!

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