best whole wheat bread recipes

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How to make homemade whole wheat bread?

  • Place 1 ½ tsp (5 grams) of wheat gluten into a 1 cup measuring cup.
  • Fill the measuring cup the rest of the way up with the flour of your choice.
  • Pour the contents of the cup into a sieve and sift them together.

What is a good substitute for whole wheat bread?

What Can I Replace Wheat Flour With?

  1. Chickpea Flour. Made from raw chickpeas, this is a naturally dense flour that contains no gluten. ...
  2. Amaranth Flour. Used for centuries in the Aztec culture, amaranth flour is the very fine powder made from grinding the plant.
  3. Coconut Flour. ...
  4. Oat Flour. ...
  5. Tapioca Flour. ...

How to make whole wheat bread taste better?

Three most essential points to deliver a soft, moist wholemeal bread with good volume.

  1. Use more water. Not adding extra water is the primary reason why the whole wheat bread turns out hard and dry. ...
  2. Use the starter Tangzhong as the softener of the bread. ...
  3. Autolyze before kneading the bread dough. In general, whole wheat bread does not rise as much as bread makes with white flour only. ...
  4. Proofing problem for bread with whole wheat flour. ...

What are the ingredients in whole wheat bread?

What Are Ingredients in Wheat Bread?

  • Flour. The foundation of wheat bread is, of course, wheat flour, which is ground using the whole wheat berry, and includes the outer bran layer, the inner germ and endosperm ...
  • Liquid. Bread recipes must include some kind of liquid to activate the yeast that leavens the dough. ...
  • Yeast. ...
  • Salt and Other Flavorings. ...


How do you make whole wheat bread rise better?

Substitute 1 tablespoon gluten for 1 tablespoon flour in each cup of flour in the whole wheat bread recipe. Dry milk powder -Adding 2 tablespoons instant dry milk powder per loaf of bread will help your bread rise higher, stay soft, and hold the moisture longer.

How can I make whole grain bread taste better?

Honey: To feed the yeast, tenderize the bread, and I love the flavor the honey adds to whole wheat bread. You could substitute agave or granulated sugar. Salt: add flavor. Butter: Unsalted or salted butter will work.

Does whole wheat flour need more yeast?

All other things being equal, a dough made with whole wheat flour will ferment faster than one made of white flour. The reason for this is simple: whole wheat flour contains more nutrients for the yeast to feed on than white flour. If you are not prepared for this it is easy to over ferment your dough.

What makes bread really soft and fluffy?

Yeast releases gases when it consumes the sugars in the flour. These gases get trapped inside the dough buy the mesh the gluten makes. This is what causes your bread to be airy and fluffy. This mesh is formed by kneading the dough.

Why is my whole wheat bread so dense?

The reason why whole wheat loaves end up so dense is because whole wheat flour has very little gluten as compared to white all-purpose flour. Gluten is important for giving the dough – and final loaves – structure. Without it, loaves tend to end up flat and dense.

What is the best flour for whole wheat bread?

It has a lighter color and a milder flavor, but still offers all of the whole grain benefits, as its bran, germ, and endosperm are left intact. For this reason, white whole wheat flour is an excellent ingredient to use in whole grain baking, for breads, pastries, and everything in between.

Why did my whole wheat bread not rise?

You've added too much sugar to the dough. Any loaf where the weight of the sugar is 10% or more of the flour weight* is going to rise sloooowly. Add too much sugar, and your bread will stop rising entirely.

Can you over knead whole wheat bread?

Water is what makes light, fluffy loaves, and in the case of whole wheat you need lots of water.” You also don't want to over-knead your whole wheat dough. That's because it contains flakes of bran which can actually cut the dough like knives.

Why is my whole wheat bread so crumbly?

Too much flour and not enough water can cause crumbly bread – people often do this if the dough is too sticky and they add more flour rather than kneading through it. Other culprits can be overproving or not kneading enough – the things you need to do to get a good structure.

How do bakeries make bread so soft?

The most common response to making soft bread is to increase the hydration of the dough. A well-hydrated dough allows the gluten to properly extend and promotes a strong gluten network. A moist crumb will feel softer to the mouth. This means increasing the dough hydration of a recipe makes a softer crumb.

How do you make bread lighter and fluffier?

Boost the fluffiness of your bread by using a dough enhancer like Vital Wheat Gluten. All it takes is a small amount of dough enhancer per loaf to create a much lighter and fluffier result.

What does milk do for bread?

Milk is used to add flavor. It enriches the dough and gives the bread a creamy color, soft crumb and a golden crust.

Amazing Honey Wheat Bread Recipe

Making homemade bread is one of my favorite ways to spend my day. Something about the whole process is fun and therapeutic! Starting from a simple yeast mixture and ending up with a delicious loaf of bread is extremely satisfying. Wheat bread, specifically, is one of my favorites. It’s so hearty and flavorful with the perfect hint of sweetness.

Whole Wheat Bread Ingredients

The best recipes use simple ingredients! I love how short and sweet the list is. It makes it perfect for throwing together when you get a craving for fresh bread! If you’re looking for exact measurements, they can all be found in the recipe card below.

Preparing Yeast and Dough

Activate Yeast: First, warm the water and milk to 105°-115°F and pour into the bowl of a stand mixer. Stir in the honey and yeast. Then, set aside for 5-10 minutes until the mixture has become frothy.

Proofing and Baking

Transfer to Oiled Bowl: Once the dough is smooth and soft, remove gently to a large oiled bowl. Try to keep the dough in a ball as you transfer it. Turn the dough once in the bowl to coat it all with oil and then cover with a kitchen towel and set in a warm place. Let it rise for 45-60 minutes, or until doubled in size.

Whole Wheat Bread

One slice of this amazing wheat bread and you'll be addicted! It's warm, soft, and tender, sweetened to perfection with honey!

THE BEST Whole Wheat Bread

Here's the deal...what makes this bread so amazing is that it stays soft and fresh for days after it's been baked.

The Best Whole Wheat Flour for Bread Baking

One of my bread making tricks is that I like to use white whole wheat flour when I make bread. Even though it has the word "white" in its title, this flour is 100% whole wheat.

How to Make the Best Whole Wheat Bread

Not only does this whole wheat bread turn out better than most, but the recipe is actually simpler to make than most! Some of the steps may seem a bit unconventional to an experienced bread maker. But if you give this recipe a chance, I think you'll be pleased with the results.

What's a Bread Sponge?

Let's talk about step #2 for a moment, shall we? I believe that the biggest factor that makes this bread stay so soft and fresh is the step in the recipe calling for you to make a sponge . Now I'm not talking about the kind of sponge you keep by your kitchen sink.

Ingredient Substitutions

For optimal results, make this whole wheat bread as directed. However, the recipe will still work (and even turn out great) incorporating a variety of substitutes. Just keep in mind that changing the ingredients may result in a different taste and/or texture in your final loaves.

Other Recipe Notes

The stand mixer pictured in this post is a classic, 5-quart, tilt-head KitchenAid.

Avoiding Sticking

The only difficulty that I ran into the first time I made this bread is that it stuck to my loaf pans, despite the fact that I had generously greased them. Nonstick pans are recommended for this recipe, so if you've got 'em, use 'em! But since I prefer baking in my stoneware pans, I figured out a way around not using nonstick.

Fresh Ingredients are vital to making the perfect loaf!

Ingredients are always key when making homemade bread. If you want your bread to be perfect, make sure you are using only fresh ingredients. Lately, I have been grinding my own white whole wheat flour so I know it is as fresh as possible.

How to make the most delicious bread ever

Start by creating a sponge. Not the one in your kitchen sink, but a bread sponge. A bread sponge is simply mixing together some key dough ingredients to create a thick, wet dough and allowing it to sit and ferment for a period of time. Creating a sponge produces more flavor and provides a lighter and fluffier texture to your bread.


Start by creating a sponge. To make a sponge, mix together 1 Tablespoon of yeast, 2 3/4 cups of warm water, 4 cups of white whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup vital wheat gluten, and 2 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl attached to a stand mixer.

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