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How to make Jollof rice in 5 Easy Steps?

  • Blend your tomatoes, red pepper, scotch bonnet peppers in a food processor or blender for about 45 seconds, make sure that everything is blended well.
  • In a medium sized pot, heat your oil on medium-high heat. ...
  • After 30 minutes, turn the heat down to medium, and add the chicken stock. ...
  • Add the parboiled rice to the pot. ...

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What rice should I use for my Jollof?

  • The rice was NOT PARBOILED before putting in the oven. ...
  • I use Royal basmati rice for this recipe which is available at Walmart and Costco. ...
  • If you don't have basmati rice, you may replace it with white long-grain rice with same ratio of rice and water.

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How to make the best Liberian Jollof rice?

You will need:

  • 4 Tablespoons of Canola oil
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 4 Fresh tomatoes or one 14.5oz can of diced (no salt) Hunts tomato (I seriously suggest using this brand If you decide to buy canned)
  • 1 6oz can Tomato paste
  • 4 Red onions
  • 2 Red bell peppers (tatashe)
  • crayfish (optional, but I love to use it)

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How to make the perfect party Jollof rice?

Try to use a pot with a very firm and tight lid and if you can. Cover the rice up with foil paper before covering with the lid. This will help trap in the heat better and cook your rice to perfection without the need for continuous liquid incorporation.


What's the secret to great jollof rice?

“You want to caramelise the onions slowly in coconut oil, before adding tomatoes, spices, herbs, ginger, garlic, scotch bonnet, white cabbage and, finally, stock.” Adjonyoh agrees: “The secret is in how much love and attention you give the sauce.” That's what flavours the dish, after all.

What are the best spices for jollof rice?

Some of my favourite seasonings to use are:Tumeric.Nutmeg.Paprika powder.Herbs other than just thyme which is great, but oregano and bay leaf are special.Ginger and garlic powder (in addition to or as a substitute for fresh ginger and garlic)

How do I make jollof rice?

PreparationIn a blender, combine tomatoes, scotch bonnet pepper and onions; purée. Pour out half the purée into a bowl; set aside. ... Heat vegetable oil in a large pot over medium heat. ... Stir in the rice until well mixed, then reduce the heat to low.Cover pot and let cook until rice is al dente, about 45 minutes.

What is the best Jollof in the world?

The United States (US) Embassy in Ghana has declared Jollof made in Ghana as the best in the world.

Is Nutmeg used for cooking jollof rice?

Blend the tomatoes, pepper, scotch bonnet (if using) and onion in a liquidizer. Simultaneously, gently heat the oil in a large pot and add the fresh thyme, nutmeg, pimentos, garlic powder and curry powder. Allow the spices to infuse for about 2 minutes then pour the blend.

What spice is good for rice?

Seasoning rice with garlic powder creates a savory, all-purpose dish that can be paired with a wide variety of foods. Garlic powder also delivers a delightful umami note, according to Bon Appetit. If you want something a bit more unique, try cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, or a combination of the three.

Which jollof rice is better Ghana or Nigeria?

Unlike the Nigerian Jollof, Ghanaian Jollof has a higher tomato flavor composition, because Ghanaians love Tomato in several forms, whether fresh, ripe, fruity, puree or cooked. Ghanaians also add meat to the tomato sauce to create a heart meaty tomato flavor in the Jollof.

How can I make jollof rice without parboiling?

1:575:31Jollof Rice | Updated Recipe | No frying or Parboiling - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd let it cook for about five to 10 minutes on medium heat because you don't want it to get burnt.MoreAnd let it cook for about five to 10 minutes on medium heat because you don't want it to get burnt. So just let it simmer for about five to ten minutes roughly.

How can I make jollof rice without burning?

Not burning – Turn off the heat but leave the rice covered for another 8-10 minutes, the retained heat and steam will continue to cook the rice.

Who makes best jollof rice in Africa?

The main protagonists in a steam over who makes the best Jollof rice are Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon. The Gambia and Senegal are quite laid-back and rarely enter the Jollof controversy; after all, they gave it to the world.

Which country made jollof rice first?

The origins of jollof rice can be traced to the Senegambian region that was ruled by the Wolof or Jolof Empire in the 14th century, spanning parts of today's Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania, where rice was grown.

Who won best jollof rice in Africa?

After the judging was done and the scores collated, Hilda Effiong- Bassey representing Nigeria emerged winner and walked away with a grand prize of $5,000 (Five Thousand Dollars ).

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The Origins of Jollof Rice

While Nigerians lay claim to it, it’s believed the dish was actually created by the Senegalese, with nearly all West African cultures having their own versions.

Jollof Wars

While none is considered the official version, there’s at least one Jollof Rice recipe that’s considered a sin. So stay away from Jamie Oliver’s unless you want to offend the entire western portion of the continent!

Celebrate World Jollof Day!

Starting in 2015, August 22nd has been celebrated around the world as World Jollof Day. So make sure to make a batch this year to mark this special occasion!

So What is Jollof Rice?

Jollof Rice is made with long-grained rice (typically parboiled but we have a few other options listed below). A base of tomatoes, onions, and peppers gives it its delicious flavors, enhanced with a special Jollof spice blend.

Perfect for Carnivores, Vegetarians, and Vegans!

Versatile and packed with veggies, our recipe calls for chicken stock, but an easy substitution for a vegetable stock will make this dish fabulously vegan.

What to Eat with Nigerian Jollof Rice? Our Serving Suggestions

For this version, Valentine whipped up a pumpkin puree that balanced the spiciness. He also makes a yam puree that does the same trick. (Recipes for both coming soon)!

Nigerian Jollof Rice Recipe

A traditional West African spicy one-pot rice dish that can be a side-dish or main course. Gluten-free with easy substitutes to make vegetarian or vegan!

What is jollof rice?

Every culture has a rice dish - paella, arroz con pollo, jambalaya, pilaf, etc. But as with most things, origins go back to mother Africa. Perhaps Western Africa's most popular dish, many different versions of jollof rice exist across the region.

Beats and Eats (music pairing for jollof rice)

There are literally Jollof rice battles. You can't make jollof without confidence. Actually let me correct myself; you can't make good jollof without confidence. You need that braggadocious crazy audacity type confidence like the greatest battle rappers.

How To Make JOLLOF Rice (step by step)

I start with the tomato puree first in order to give it some rest time while I began cooking the rice. Saute the vegetables (onions, garlic, chilis, ginger) in palm oil before adding the tomatoes.


If it's available to you, use palm oil. It will give the rice a distinct red color as well as that African flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)About Jollof Rice

It can be, but doesn't have to be. It depends on whether you cook with the seeds and veins of the habanero chilis included. If you do then the amount you include will determine the heat level.


If you make this delicious jollof rice, don't forget to save the best part, the pot liquor. Also, please come back and leave me a comment below with your feedback. Definitely take a photo of the dish and be sure to tag #foodfidelity so that I can see them.

Jollof Rice

An easy and flavorful African Jollof Rice Recipe for a non-traditional weeknight side or special occasion side dish.

What is Jollof Rice?

Jollof rice is sort of like a jambalaya-paella West African mix—and SO flavorful. It’s usually a community meal, and always made during the festive season like Christmas, Thanksgiving and pretty much any big holiday.

How to Make Jollof Rice

While there aren’t too many restrictions when it comes to making Jollof rice, you’ll realize that the dish is quintessentially smoky-flavored and this is because it’s traditionally cooked using firewood. And while you may not have firewood at home, taking your rice up to the burning point can definitely give you a delicious and authentic flavor.

Best Tips for Making Jollof Rice

Choosing the right kind of rice: We all love a good, fluffy rice and if you want to get the perfect texture, don’t compromise on the quality of the rice. Oftentimes the long grained, less starchy variations of rice end up giving you a great texture!

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