what is the best cut out sugar cookie recipe

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How to make perfect cut out sugar cookies?

  • Mix your dough according to your recipe. ...
  • Roll your dough out on a sheet of parchment paper . ...
  • Put your cookie cutters to work and start stamping that dough. ...
  • Use your fingers (freshly washed kid fingers work great for this step!) and peel away the dough from around your cookie shapes. ...

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What is the best way to cut out sugar cookies?

What You Need to Make Cut Out Sugar Cookies:

  • Softened Butter, Granulated Sugar, Egg, Vanilla Extract & Almond Extract, Baking Powder, Salt, Flour
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Rolling Pin with Thickness Guides (read more about my favorite rolling pin here)
  • Parchment Paper

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What are some easy sugar cookie recipes?


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). In a small bowl, stir together flour, baking soda, and baking powder. ...
  2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in egg and vanilla. ...
  3. Bake 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden. Let stand on cookie sheet two minutes before removing to cool on wire racks.

How to make the best sugar cookies recipe by Tasty?

Using a mix of different chocolates (milk and dark chocolate) also yields a delicious cookie. Playing with texture is a great tip as well—one can easily put coarsely chopped pieces of chocolate in lieu of your typical chocolate chips and this will give the cookie a beautiful shape/consistency (think warm pools of melted chocolate— obsessed!!!).


What thickness is best for cut out cookies?

about 1/4"The ideal thickness to roll out your sugar cookie dough is about 1/4"--that way, they'll be tough enough to be handled and decorated, but thin enough to stay a little crunchy.

What is the trick to cut out cookies?

0:252:13How to Roll and Cut Out Cookies: Easy Secrets/Best Tips for Perfect ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd chilled as we're working now I peeled off the bottom layer. So that as I cut out the cookies.MoreAnd chilled as we're working now I peeled off the bottom layer. So that as I cut out the cookies. They will lift up readily. Simply press down firmly. And because the dough is nice and cold.

What is the difference between drop and cut out cookies?

What is the difference between cut out cookies and drop cookies? Drop cookies are made by dropping the dough in balls on a baking sheet. Cut out cookies are made by rolling the dough thin and using cookie cutters.

What makes a cookie moist and chewy?

Double Your Yolks Most cookie recipes call for at least one egg. You can try omitting the white of each egg, which tends to dry out when baked, and replacing it with an additional yolk Plus, egg yolks have more fat than egg whites, which helps to keep your cookies moist and chewy.

Should you chill cut out cookies before baking?

Once you've cut your shapes out, chill them again for about an hour before you bake them. Chilling the cookies helps prevent spreading. Check out more tips on stopping spreading here. So, to summarize – Mix the cookie dough until it just comes together, roll it, chill it well, cut, chill, bake and decorate.

Why are my cut out cookies spreading?

Cookies spread because the fat in the cookie dough melts in the oven. If there isn't enough flour to hold that melted fat, the cookies will over-spread. Spoon and level that flour or, better yet, weigh your flour. If your cookies are still spreading, add an extra 2 Tablespoons of flour to the cookie dough.

What type of cookie is best for cookie cutters?

Best Cookies for Cookie CuttersCut-out Sugar Cookies. What is this? ... Cut-out Chocolate Cookies. What is this? ... Cut-out Red Velvet Cookies. Here's one of the more creative cut-out cookie options: red velvet cut-out cookies! ... Cut-out Cinnamon & Sugar Cookies. What is this? ... Shortbread Cookies. ... Butter Cookies. ... Gingerbread Cookies.

What's the difference between sugar cookies and cut out cookies?

0:003:09SHORTBREAD VS SUGAR COOKIES - What's the Difference - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipDifference between the two is really the texture.MoreDifference between the two is really the texture.

Why are they called icebox cookies?

Icebox cookies, also known as refrigerator cookies, are slice-and-bake cookies. The dough is formed into a log, chilled in the refrigerator (also known as an icebox), and then sliced into rounds before baking.

Does butter or Crisco make cookies softer?

Shortening generally makes baked goods softer. Shortening is flavorless. Butter adds a rich flavor to baked goods.

Why do you put vinegar in cookies?

Vinegar is a surprisingly common ingredient in baked goods, considering that it has such a sharp flavor. But as an acid, vinegar is often included in cake and cookie batters to react with baking soda and start the chemical reaction needed to produce carbon dioxide and give those batters a lift as they bake.

Is butter or shortening better for cookies?

Basically, cookies made with butter spread more and are flatter and crisper if baked long enough. However, they are more flavorful than cookies made with shortening. Cookies made with shortening bake up taller and are more tender, but aren't as flavorful.

The Best Cutout Sugar Cookies

The Best Cutout Sugar Cookies! This foolproof recipe makes the softest, most buttery cookies that hold their shape after baking.


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What Makes This Super Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe the Best?

For one, this is a no baking powder cut out sugar cookie recipe. There is no leavening at all for that matter because leavening causes cookies to expand, and that is the opposite of what we want.

Best Cookie for Royal Icing

This is also the best cut out sugar cookie recipe for royal icing because the cookies are thick and can hold a lot of icing without breaking.

How to Make Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Reading through the recipe gives your mind a visual picture of what needs to happen, and it makes the process go smoother.

How to Make Cut Out Sugar Cookies Step-by-Step

Remember to bring your butter and eggs to room temperature so your dough does not split. Your butter should be soft enough that you can press your finger into it but not melted. I place my eggs in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes to bring them to room temp.

The Best Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

The best no spread, no fail cut out sugar cookie recipe! These cookies are soft and buttery and always hold their shape! Switch out the flavors to make this recipe work for any occasion or holiday.


In the bowl of your stand mixer, place your room temperature butter and granulated sugar.


Weigh your ingredients to avoid cookie failure. Using a kitchen scale for baking is super easy and gives you the best results every single time.

Why this Recipe is the Best

This simple cut out sugar cookie recipe will beat ANY sugar cookie recipe you have ever used in the past.

Notes on Ingredients

Be sure to use room temperature butter and eggs. Room temperature butter and eggs will cream together easier allowing air to incorporate into your batter, which creates a smooth batter and lighter cookie. You will know your butter is at room temperature when you push on it and it easily squishes.

How to Make Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Cream butter with sugar. Cream together the butter and sugar until they are light in color and fluffy. This is when the air will be incorporated into the batter and will help give the cookie its structure and texture.

How to Freeze Sugar Cookies

You can freeze both ice and un-iced sugar cookies in the freezer, keeping in mind that iced cookies will not retain their flavor as long when stored in the freezer as plain sugar cookies do.

The BEST Cut-Out Cookie Recipe

These Cut Out Sugar Cookies bake up soft, are full of flavor, and the dough holds it shape while baking. They are delicious plain, hold up perfectly to decorating, can be made ahead, and even freeze well.

How to Make Sugar Cookie Dough

Gather your ingredients to make the sugar cookie dough. Cream together the softened butter and sugar in a KitchenAid Mixer with a flat paddle.

Sugar Cookie Tips

Everyone in my family has different way of decorating their cut-out sugar cookie recipe. I like to use my buttercream frosting recipe that is on the thicker side.

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The Best Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies

I’m doing dishes in the kitchen when all the sudden I hear the saddest, most piercing cry come out of 4 month old Valentine. Slightly panicked, I ask Eric what happened, and he said, “I kissed her.” Oh the drawbacks of having a beard. This actually happens all the time. Poor baby faced Valentine!

The Best Soft Sugar Cookie

I’m super excited to share this recipe with you guys today! I’ve been working on this post for a while now. The recipe is adapted from my sister-in-law Sandi. I wrote it down in pencil in a notebook years ago and have been tweaking it ever since.

Ingredients for Sugar Cookies

Make sure you have the following on hand. (Quantities given in the recipe below.)

How to Make Sugar Cookies

I’m going to start with the basic overview below and then drill into the finer details with pictures further down. (Don’t worry; all the instructions are given in the recipe as well!)

What thickness is best for cut out cookies?

I researched sugar cookies for quite a while before landing on today’s recipe and method. One of the things I learned is that it doesn’t matter how great your sugar cookie recipe is, the rolling technique is where most people go wrong.

Tips for making the Best Sugar Cookies Recipe

One of my biggest tips is to make sure you care for your final baked cookies! If you put the sugar cookies into a tupperware right after they have cooled a few minutes on the pan, they will stay softer longer. Letting sugar cookies sit out is what makes them get dry and crunchy. Don’t do it! Put your treasure into a tupperware or ziplock asap!

What makes this thick sugar cookie recipe so soft?

I will only accept soft cookies. Soft!!! In case you’re skimming this post and haven’t been bossed around enough on SOFT COOKIE RULES, here’s the short version:

Sugar Cookie Recipe

These are my absolute FAVORITE cutout sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever made AND eaten!

How to Make Rolled Sugar Cookies

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. (when you are ready to bake the cooking AFTER you chill the dough)

Tips For Making Cutout Sugar Cookies

While making rolled sugar cookies may seem a little intimidating, I promise that it’s not!

Soft Sugar Cookie FAQS

They are so much easier to cut before baking! You can always clean them up a bit after they’re done baking if you’d like but make sure to cut the dough before it’s baked.

The Best Easy Cutout Sugar Cookie Recipe

This recipe will be your new go-to recipe for Cutout Sugar Cookies. It's that perfect!

The Best Sugar Cookie Frosting

This sugar cookie frosting is perfect! It forms a nice crust on top but is light and fluffy on the inside!

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